Kean University is Hiring Student Ambassadors

The Office of Admissions at Kean University is now hiring for student ambassadors

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Kean University is Hiring Student Ambassadors

Kean Student Ambassadors are the most important brand representatives of the academic institution and are essential to the university's day-to-day operations. Apply today to the group of over 40 Kean students that help make Kean University the world-class school it is.

Kieffer Braisted, Staff Writer

Kean University's Office of Admissions is looking for interested students to apply for Student Ambassador positions currently available in their department.

Kean Student Ambassadors are the most important brand representatives of the academic institution and are essential to the university's day-to-day operations.

This team of up to 40 or more students help showcase Kean's campus in Union, NJ by hosting personalized tours and providing information or answers to any potential questions those attending may have. Additionally, Student Ambassadors actively recruit prospective students and assist in the university's Office of Admissions on a year-round basis.

Additionally, Student Ambassadors and Admissions Counselors work in unison to guide those involved with the application process, with a mission to provide a world-class experience to their future fellow students.

Outlined below are the position responsibilities, requirements and preferred experience recommendations as stated on Cougar Link.


  • Provide scheduled and walk-in campus tours
  • Route inbound calls and e-mails to the appropriate Admissions Counselor
  • Encourage prospective students to visit campus and apply to Kean
  • Support event and office operations, including: prepackaging, filing, copying, etc.
  • Support recruitment projects on and off campus
  • Represent the university with the highest level of professionalism and pride

Physical/Environmental Requirements

  • Must be able to move for long periods of time
  • Must be able to lift 10 – 40 lbs.
  • Must be available to work nights and weekends as dictated by Admissions events calendar for events such as Open House and Dinner with the Dean

Preferred Experience:

  • Full-time student in good academic standing (minimum 3.0 GPA)
  • Must have completed at least two semesters prior to date of hire
  • Must be well organized, focused and have a strong attention to detail
  • Able to foster an informative and positive experience for prospective students
  • Comfortable with public speaking and able to work without direct supervision
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office preferred
  • Must maintain a professional appearance and positive attitude under pressure
  • Must be customer satisfaction oriented
  • Must express a genuine sense of pride and enthusiasm for Kean University
  • Must understand and adhere to the importance of customer confidentiality and the accuracy of information provided to prospective students

Scheduling ranges from 15 to 20 hours per week, per student.

Those applying should also be informed of the specific application items required upon submission. This includes an updated, current resume with a cover letter. Additionally, applicants must submit a Kean University Application for Employment Form, which can be found at the application's Cougar Link page as a PDF.

Finally, all prospective Student Ambassadors must submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff member at Kean University or a current/previous employer or supervisor. The person writing the letter of recommendation must not be related or otherwise acquainted besides academically or professionally in any capacity.

Applications are taken and reviewed on a first come, first served basis. The Office of Admissions recommends those interested apply as soon as possible.

A link to the online application via Google Docs can be found here.

More information on Student Ambassadors and their responsibilities can be found on the university's official website.

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