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The most scenic places at Kean University this spring

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Kean in Bloom
Victoria Gasper, Staff Writer

In the springtime, there is not one place at Kean University that isn't scenically beautiful. Whether it be the abundance of green trees, tulips of every color on the spectrum, or peaceful cherry blossoms, Kean is the perfect campus for spring photo-shoots and relaxation.

Cherry blossoms are the most common trees on campus at this time of year. Whether one walks behind Hennings Hall, next to Wilkins Theatre, or right in front of the Nancy and Jack Lane Center for Academic Success (CAS), one will be able to see these trees in full bloom for the months of April and May. While many people flock to places like New York and Washington, D.C., to see these gifts from Japan, students get to see these gorgeous trees everyday.

Students can also find many hanging flower baskets around campus to lighten the campus atmosphere. Filled with small pink and white flowers, these baskets give the campus a quaint and charming atmosphere.

Kean is also home to beautiful flower gardens, such as the one right outside the main entrance for the Nancy Thompson Library and Wilkins Theatre.

These gardens have mainly tulips, found in an array of colors such as yellow, pink and bright red. It's views like these that make long hours of studying in the library and Starbucks truly worth it.

The most serene place on main campus, however, has to be the Memory Garden. Haunting statues and stone pathways are beautifully placed by the gazebo, which is the perfect place to hang out with friends. The garden is divided into two separate pathways and can be entered from either Downs Hall or right behind the Nancy Thompson Library.

Additionally, the small stream that runs through main campus and divides the garden from the Cougar Walk provides a soothing backdrop of running water for those who find themselves nearby.

The warmer the weather becomes, the better the chances of seeing some adorable wildlife as well. Birds, squirrels and the occasional chipmunk also call Kean University home. Be sure to pick up litter to preserve scenes like this for these animals and all future Kean students!

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Victoria Gasper, Staff Writer

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