The Beginning of the End

Residential students gear up to move out

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The Beginning of the End
Resident students gear up for their final room inspections, next semester housing selections and move out.
Abigail Anne Rafael, Senior Editor

As the semester draws to a close, resident students will begin to select their next housing assignment, have their last room inspection and eventually move out.

Resident students should have received an email with their rooming assignment appointment and directions from Residential Student Services (RSS). Students should have already created a group to live with for the next semester. Only one person from the group needs to select a room on behalf of the rest of the group. Groups that did not select their room in the housing portal by Thursday, April 25 will have their room selection done by RSS.

Resident students will also soon have their last room inspection. Students should check with their designated Resident Assistant (RA) to find out the date and time of their room inspection.

Some guidelines for students are as follows:

  • There must be no trash
  • There must be no clothes on desks, floors, beds or under furniture
  • Beds must be made
  • There must be nothing obstructing the smoke detector and sprinkler systems
  • Each room (kitchen, living room/common area, bathroom and bedrooms) should be clean
  • Microwaves, refrigerators and kitchen cabinets must be clean
  • There must be no alcohol or drugs, including paraphernalia
  • At least one resident of the suite must be present during the inspection

Students should refer to their provided Fire Safety & Health Inspection Sheet for the complete list of guidelines.

Because this will be the residents' last room inspection before move outs, there will be no retrials and a failed room inspection will result in a fee.

In anticipation for final move outs, students should look forward to the sign up sheet their designated RA will post. This sheet will include the available times to schedule one's move out date and time. Students will not be able to sign up for a later date or time than they had originally signed up for. Being late to one's appointment will result in a fee. Thus, students should sign up for an appointment that is after their last final and on-campus obligation.

Here are some tips for students preparing to move out:

  • To make one's final move out easier, it would be tactical to begin taking things home to lessen the final load
  • Buy less groceries than is necessary to sustain oneself until the end of the semester
  • Eat or throw out food within one's pantry and fridge to avoid spoilage
  • Consider donating clothes and nonperishable food
  • Return book rentals or sell owned books
  • Garbage bags are an easy way to pack away items and can be used for non-fragile items
  • Furniture should be arranged as the room originally had them
  • Make sure everything is thoroughly clean and do a final walk through to check anything one may have missed

For more questions, comments or concerns, students can contact their personal RA or email them at or call RSS at (908) 737-6800.

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Abigail Anne Rafael, Senior Editor

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