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Become a Student Worker!
Students interested in pursing a career in technology should consider working for The Office of Computer and Information Services (OCIS).
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

If there is one piece of advice for students attending Kean, it is to get involved on campus as much as one can to enhance their collegiate experience. One way for students to do this, as well as receive financial benefits, is to work on campus. There are many different offices and departments on campus that hire student workers, so there is sure to be a match for everyone.

Becoming employed on campus allows students to obtain their degree, be involved and have a job all in one central location. Students can work before, in between and after classes all in one convenient place. This minimizes the stress of having to commute somewhere else to get to work, and eliminates the risk of sitting in traffic or being late due to travel.

This opportunity also gets students connected with their peers to create more bonds here at Kean. It teaches students how to work in a professional environment, the value of hard work and ultimately allows students to become more knowledgeable and comfortable on campus.

There are many offices and departments within Kean University that are always looking to hire students to assist in their functions. If students are passionate about a particular subject, consider asking their department if they are looking for new hires. That way, one can become immersed in their major even further and build connections within the department.

The various facilities at Kean house different departments which employs students. The Nancy Thompson Library Learning Commons is home to many student workers. Students can apply to work at Starbucks, become a tutor, a Writing Consultant at the Writing Center, a Public Speaking Lab Coach at the Public Speaking Lab and more.

Located is Miron Student Center Room 215 and 219, as well as the Involvement Center in Room 303, the Center for Leadership and Service is home to many student workers.

Located in the Miron Student Center (MSC) are various opportunities for students to become employed. This building is home to the Office of Student Government, where students can work for Student Organization or the Graduate and Part-time Student Council. Student Government's mission is to represent the student body at Kean by hosting cultural social, academic and professional development events to enhance students to their fullest potential and ensure that students are making the most out of their Kean experience.

MSC is also home to the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS), where students can obtain various jobs for the Leadership Institute, the Involvement Center, The Cougar's Byte, Greek Life, Community and Volunteer Services, Jumpstart and customer service. CLS adopted the ideals of lead, serve and learn, which demonstrates their commitment to aiding students in advancing their own personal skills while also helping the community as a whole.

Also located in MSC is the Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct and the Little Theatre, which is one of the Kean Stages facilities, where students can also apply to work. Students can also look into the MSC Operations and Event Management staff where they can obtain positions working in the computer lab, information desk and game room.

Students can become employed by the Miron Student Center Operations and Event Management where one of the jobs is working the Information Desk.

Located in the various residential buildings on campus is the Office Residential Student Services, where students can apply to be a Resident Assistant. This job consists of maintaining the safety of students that reside in the dorms on campus.

Students with a knack for technology should consider applying to work for the Office of Computer and Information Services (OCIS). This department ensures that the technology on campus is up to par and functioning, which ultimately enhances the student experience here at Kean. To apply for this department, one should contact OCIS by visiting their office in the Technology Building, calling (908) 737-6000 or emailing

Overall, these are only a few of the employment options as there are a multitude of different options for those considering working on campus. To learn more about working on campus or to view the forms, visit the Student Employment Kean webpage.

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Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

Shannon Sheeehan is a Junior Communications major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. She joined The Cougar's Byte staff in Spring 2018. After her time at Kean, Shannon hopes to start her professional career in Public Relations and/or Social Media.