Keeping Campus Safe

A look into the Kean Campus Police, also known as the Department of Public Safety, and their mission and function

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Keeping Campus Safe
The Police Headquarters at Kean University is located in Downs Hall.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

One of the most vital departments that Kean has on campus is the Department of Public Safety, which oversees the Kean Campus Police. It is their duty to maintain a safe and secure campus environment for the Kean community. They operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year, as well as provide a full law enforcement and security services to complete this mission.

In order to maintain a safe campus for students, staff, faculty and visitors alike, Campus Police encourages all crimes to be reported whether they are actual, attempted, suspected or even suspicious behavior.

To simplify this process as well as provide a sense of security, the Department of Public Safety has 13 Blue Light telephones around campus. These can be utilized in emergency scenarios as well as non-emergency situations. If the situation is urgent, be sure to utilize the red button, however if it is not an emergency use the keypad to dial a five digit on-campus number.

The 24 hour Communication Center can be reached by dialing the extension 74800 or (908) 737-4800. Members of the Kean community are urged to save the 10 digit number to their personal phones, because if one dials 911 it may not be routed directly to Campus Police depending on one's location.

Students are required to sign up for The Campus Alert System through the Campus Safety Checklist. This is a program that notifies users of any emergency campus, information technology and first responder mobilization emergencies. One can receive these notifications via text message, email or phone call.

Campus Police is open 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

To register as a first time user, visit the website and click the "register" tab in the top right corner. One will then be prompted to provide their name and email address, and confirm their registration. Be sure to look out for an email with a temporary password which will allow the user to log in.

A newer tool that the Campus Police has also implemented is the mobile application 'ELERTS See Say.' With this application, students and faculty can report suspicious behaviors that are transpiring on campus. It also provides the option to call Campus Police in an easy manner. Additionally, Campus Police have the ability to send out notifications through this application regarding campus safety and public updates.

Through the ELERTS See Say application, one can request a virtual escort through the "EscortMe" option on the application. This uses GPS, which is monitored in real time by the 24 hour Communication Center in the Department of Public Safety. If a distress signal is activated through this feature, the University Police will be notified immediately, and will be able to assist in ensuring the safety of the application user.

To download the ELERTS See Say application, first one must find it in their phone's application store. Then, after agreeing to the terms of use, one will be prompted to provide their name, phone number and Kean email address. It is vital to sign up with ones Kean email address, or else the account will be deleted within 24 hours of registration.

To learn more about the rules and regulations of the ELERTS See Say application, be sure to visit the Department of Public Safety Kean webpage on it.

For more information on the Department of Public Safety and the Kean Campus Police, be sure to read their Kean webpage.

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