A Guiding Hand for Those Who Have Served Our Country

A look into the Office of Veteran Student Services and the resources they offer

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A Guiding Hand for Those Who Have Served Our Country
The Office of Veteran Student Services is located at the Center for Academic Success, Room 208.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

Kean is always looking to give back, especially to those who are veterans. The Office of Veterans' Student Services (OVSS) is here at Kean to help transition and provide assistance to those who are veterans, service members and dependents as well. They help guide students through the stressors that may appear when applying to college, becoming acclimated on campus and navigating a new environment. It is OVSS' mission that the student always comes first.

For veterans, service members and dependents considering applying to Kean, one can apply online or via mail. Be sure to contact OVSS at (908) 737-0480 for a promotion code which will waive the application fee.

The next step is to submit all of the required forms that are needed specifically from veterans, services members and their dependents. When applying, be sure to submit the Joint Services Transcript (JST), as well as the DD214 and Veteran Student Information forms.

Many veterans may have transfer credits that they have earned throughout their military experience. If so, be sure to submit the official forms such as the Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS), Sailor/Marine/ACE Registry Transcript (SMART), the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), Coast Guard Institute and CLEP Examinations. This will be very beneficial as one would have less credits to earn at Kean which in turn means earning a degree quicker!

There are additional forms that must be completed. Transfer students and National Guard Members in Chapter 35 must submit Form 22-5495. The Change of Program or Place of Training form, also known as Application 22-1995, must be submitted for transfer students in Chapter 30, 32, 33,1606 and 1607 as well as National Guard Members in the corresponding chapters. Chapters 30, 32, 33, 1606, and 1607 must also be sure to submit form 22-1990, and Chapter 31 must submit the 28-1900 form. For dependents of Chapter 35, they must apply for 22-5490 as well as submit a copy . For questions regarding submitting forms, be sure to visit the OVSS webpage.

Next, be sure to lookout for a Kean University Acceptance Letter. If one is accepted they will also be granted a tuition deposit waiver. One will then be able to register for classes online on Kean-Wise and make their schedule. It is vital for veterans, service members and their dependents to bring their registration to OVSS every semester in order for them to review it.

There are also a number of scholarships for those who have served or are dependents of one that has served. The OVSS webpage explains the options and eligibility for each scholarship as well as a description of the scholarship. If one has questions regarding admission or scholarships, be sure to contact OVSS by visiting the Center for Academic Success, Room 208, calling (908) 737-0480 or emailing veteran@kean.edu.

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