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Cougar Walk was bursting with excitement at this year's 2019 Kean Day

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Kean Day occurred Friday, Sept. 13, 2019. All student groups and departments were invited out to display their organization to the rest of the Kean Community.

Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

At the beginning of every Fall semester, the Miron Student Center hosts Kean Day, one of the most exciting and informational events throughout the whole semester. On Sept. 13, from 1 to 4 p.m., Cougar Walk was lined with a variety of tables representing different aspects of campus life such as clubs, Greek organizations, educational departments, honor societies, off-campus vendors and more. This was a way for new and returning students to really get a look into all of the different ways that it is possible to get involved and truly enhance their college experience here at Kean.

The Graphic Organization (GO!) at Kean Day 2019.

From the Center of Academic Success all the way down to the new Cougar Hall residential building, crowds of students roamed to learn all about what Kean has to offer. Tables were decorated to represent the different clubs, organizations and departments as they wanted to stand out to catch the passerby's attention. A lot of the tables were even enticing students with games and free goodies such as candy, pens, buttons and more.

This was a great event for students to see the different aspects of campus life all represented in one area. Students got the chance to visualize all of the different opportunities for growth that they have here at Kean. If one came thinking that there wasn't a club here at Kean to fit their needs, they left reassured that they could find an organization where they would belong.

Jolene Sinclar, secretary of the Early Childhood Education Club, said "You just have to get involved. I would say the reason why is because when you are aware of the different things around campus you're more likely to engage, and with that I just feel like you have an overall better experience on campus. You get to meet other people that are inside your major, and then if you're in clubs that are outside of your major you just make friends with them."

The Criminal Justice Club
Members of the Criminal Justice Club interacting with students at Kean Day.

She continued, "Especially this being a high commuter school, a lot of times people just go to class and then go home. So when you're connected on campus you're more likely to stay here and have a positive experience."

Kean Day was also a great chance to learn about the resources that are offered to students on campus. For example, there were tables from departments such as the One Stop Service Center and the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Task Force, which gave students the reassurance that those resources, as well as others, exist if and when they may need to utilize them in the future.

Paige Alonso from The Lesniak institute for American Leadership explained how one's college experience is much more than what classes one takes, but the overall experience altogether.

She said, "It's important for students to get involved because school and college is more than about just studying and learning that way, but also about connecting with organizations, getting involved in clubs and groups and outside communities. That way, you learn a lot more than just what you're learning in the classroom, so it opens up opportunities for internships and careers and networking which is super important to your growth in the university."

Coptic Orthodox Christian Fellowship
The Coptic Orthodox Christian Fellowship (COCF) showing the Kean community what they are all about.

On the Miron Student Center Patio, students could sign in to the event and receive tickets. They were able to redeem these to get treats such as nachos, Smashburger sandwiches, popcorn and more. Also located here was a DJ that kept the energy up and the crowd pumped throughout the entire event. Students could as get Kean Apparel here to show their Cougar Pride. The Cougar Pantry, a new addition to campus to help alleviate food waste and help those who may be facing food insecurity, was also located here as they accepted donations to help stock their pantry even more.

All in all, Kean Day was a great event for students to get to know their peers, the resources that are on campus and most importantly, to find organizations to join that best fit their needs and interests.

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Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

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