Kicking Off the Year Right

The Kean community gathered in the Harwood Arena for music, food and each other's company, before celebrating the first football game of the season.

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Kicking Off the Year Right
Bryanna Henderson, Staff Writer

On Sept. 6, 2019, the first Friday of the Fall 2019 semester, Kean University kicked the school year off with the Friday Night Football Game Kickoff. A prelude to the first football game of the season, the kickoff was not only an opportunity for the Kean community to come out and support their football team, but also a way for students to get pumped for the beggining of the sports season and school year. Starting at 4 p.m. and running until 6:30 p.m. in the Harwood Arena, the event appeared to do it's job well. It was attended by many different members of the Kean community who all appeared to be having a wonderful time.

The start of a new semester can be difficult. Student's are encountering an abudence of new things including classes, people and expectations. The kickoff was a way to bring the Kean community together to relax, bond with one another and experience something they may not have in the classroom or at home. Throughout the night everyone connected with fellow students in their majors, staff members, and individuals they may not come across in their everyday classes.

Originally planned to be on the lawn of the Harwood Arena, the kickoff had to be moved inside to the gym, though that did not seem to put a damper on the festivities. Despite the food trucks being left outside, everyone gladly situated themselves in the arena. Everywhere one looked, there were groups of people chatting, dancing to music or participating in the many games and activities set up in the gym.

Senior Class President for the Class of 2020, Briana Lenard and one of the people who assisted in planning this event, seemed to be happy with the outcome as togetherness was a substancial goal for the evening.

Lenard stated, "The point of the kickoff is really for student's to interact. We want Kean to be diverse and more of a community. I can definitely say that what I'm seeing right now is that there are lot of people getting to know one another. Lenard continued, "People are making friends and becoming more familiar with what we offer on campus which is what I really love about events like this. There are so many things you can bond over and here is the perfect place to do so."

True to her word, people were commemorating over fun games like volleyball, scooter races and basketball. Also, students were given prizes including shirts and sweatshirt that they can now rep on campus to show their school spirit The excitement continued later in the evening during the first football game of the season that concluded with a score of 37 to 7.

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Bryanna Henderson, Staff Writer

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