Preparing to Apply for Graduation

A quick guide on how to begin preparing to apply for graduation

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Preparing to Apply for Graduation
Students from the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences' Mathematical Sciences program at Kean's 2019 Undergraduate Commencement.
Bryanna Henderson, Staff Writer

With graduation season approaching once again, students are preparing to wrap up classes, say goodbye to their friends and get ready to head out into the world and put the knowledge they acquired in class to good use. Before any of this can happen though, student's need to be sure they are ready to apply for graduation. This process can be long and tedious if one does not know how, when or where to start applying so here is some information to help with getting started.

The first step in preparing for graduation is being sure one is eligible to even apply for graduation. Students should be meeting with their academic adviser or Program Coordinator to be sure they are following their degree's program and be sure they are taking the right steps to be eligible to graduate. Another good source to review would be the Graduation Information page on the Kean University website. There are specific categories on the page for undergraduate, second degree and graduate students and their requirements, so be sure to look at that before starting the application process.

Once students are sure they are ready to apply, the next step is completing the application itself. Students should complete an application one semester before they are intended to complete their degree. This should be done during one of the three cycle periods for applying for graduation in January, May and August. Students looking to graduate January 2020 have until Oct. 4, 2019. Students looking to graduate May 2020 have until Feb. 7, 2019. Finally, students looking to graduate August 2020 have until March 6, 2020. Students graduating either January 2020, May 2020 or August 2020 will all walk in the May 2020 commencement.

To actually apply, students should go onto their KeanWise account and find the section titled "Academic Profile" and select "Apply for Graduation." It is important to note that a $100 processing fee is required to submit an application. This fee covers the processing fee for the application, a complimentary set of transcripts, caps and gowns for those participating in commencement exercises and the diploma. Only online applications and payments will be accepted and they must be completed within one of the three cycle periods to be accepted. If all requirements are not met on time, students will have to fill out a new application and pay another $100 fee, so make sure everything has been planned out with one's academic adviser's before hand.

For more detailed information on the graduating process visit the Graduation Information page on Kean University's website or email or call (908) 73-REGME (737-3463).

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