Stay Healthy with Student Health Services

Students can schedule various types of health appointments here to ensure they are continuing a healthy lifestyle

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Stay Healthy with Student Health Services
Student Health Services is located in Downs Hall, Room 126 and hosts a variety of services to help the Kean Community stay healthy.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

Kean students should never have to worry about whether to put their studies or health first. Student Health Services, located in Downs Hall, Room 126, is easily accessible to students here on campus offering various services to ensure that the members of the Kean community can live a healthy lifestyle.

Student Health Services offers a variety of appointments to best meet the students' needs, which are available to all students that are enrolled in classes for the current or upcoming semester.

To make an appointment, students first need to activate their Patient Portal. Then, select "click here to register" and enter the information that is asked. After registering, a link will then be sent to the student's Kean email where they will be asked to create a password.

Once students have set up their Patient Portal account, they will be able to visit this site to create appointments whenever it is needed. This can be done by logging in and selecting the "Appt. Scheduling" drop down menu and clicking "Schedule Appt."

Students are also able to call the office to make an appointment at (908) 737-4880. Walk in appointments come at a first come, first serve basis, so be sure to call the office beforehand.

Downs Hall
Student Health Services resides in the Downs Hall building.

Robin Mansfield, the director of Student Health Services, said, "We encourage students to be familiar with the services we offer because we are here to help them stay healthy during their time at Kean. Being sick or getting injured can interfere with academics and we want students to know that they can be evaluated with one of our providers at no charge."

The varying types of appointments are as follows:

  • Primary Care: This is for students that are in need of treatment for general medical concerns, including but not limited to a cold, cough, sore throat, UTI, pregnancy test, injury and more.
  • Women's Health: Females with concerns regarding their sexual health can make appointments for treatments such as a routine breast exam, routine pelvic exam, pap test, STD test, HIV test, birth control and any other women's health related problems or concerns.
  • HIV Testing: Iris House will be at Student Health Services twice a month to offer free and confidential HIV testing, which can be found on Cougar Link. Student Health Services also have staff members that can test for HIV with a blood test that is sent to the lab.
  • PrEP for HIV Prevention: Students can meet to become informed on PrEP, which stands for Pre-exposure Prophylaxis and is used for HIV Prevention. This is taken once a day and is a combination of two antiviral medications.
  • LGBTQ+ Services: Student Health Services is a LGBTQ+ space and offers many resources such as screenings, literature, treatments and referrals.
  • Nutrition Appointments: For these appointments, students first need to make a primary care appointment or wellness check and will then be referred for a nutrition appointment. Gourmet Dining also has a registered dietitian. Students can visit Gourmet Dining's Dietitian Services for more details.
  • Physicals: Students can request a physical from Student Health Services for medical clearance for program requirements, internship, study abroad, Kean childcare center, volunteer work and more.

Student Health Services is open during the Fall and Spring semesters Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It should also be noted that students need to make an appointment to be seen by a medical professional.

To contact Student Health Services, be sure to visit their office in Room 126 in Downs Hall, call (908) 737-4880 or email Mansfield at

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