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The Office of Student Government prides itself on offering quality programming that benefits students personally and professionally

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Stay Involved with Student Organization
The Office of Student Government has many resources for students to utilize to enhance their college experience.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

Kean University prides itself on the various opportunities and programs that transpire on campus to enrich student life. The Office of Student Government is responsible for many of these opportunities, as it is their goal to aid students to have strong leadership skills as well as help them develop personally and professionally. They want to ensure that the voices of the students are heard through all of their diverse and entertaining programs.

There are two student governing bodies at Kean that Student Government oversees: Student Organization and the Graduate and Part-time Student Council (GPSC). Through these two bodies, students can feel as if their opinions are being not only heard, but enacted.

Student Organization is responsible for enhancing the college experience of the full-time undergraduate students at Kean. Their mission is to make students feel as if they are seen and heard, and do this through their diverse programming.

On working with Student Government, Francois Zebaze said, "[Student Government] really teaches you a lot about professionalism, it holds you accountable, you have meetings and there's deadlines to follow. It's a lot of things that I haven't really done in high school."

To get in touch with Student Organization, one can visit Miron Student Center (MSC), Room 309 & 313, email or call (908) 737-5190.

The Graduate and Part-time Student Council (GPSC) seeks to enact the same mission as Student Organization, rather for part-time students and those in the graduate program. They recognize that it is as equally important for these students to become involved and immersed in student life as it is for full-time undergraduate students.

GPSC is located in the Miron Student Center Room 304.

The mission of GPSC is to create a diverse and accepting environment through their programming. GPSC aims to elevate the college experience for students through academic, social and cultural means.

To get in contact with GPSC, make sure to visit MSC Room 304, email or call (908) 737-5250.

One of the committees under Student Organization is P.U.L.S.E., which stands for Programming for a Unique and Lively Student Experience. Their responsibilities include planning and organizing events for the students of Kean University. Some of the events they have planned include concerts, workshops, lectures and more.

They emphasize that their events are planned for the students by students, meaning that they have an understanding perspective on students' wants and needs. They also keep in mind the ideals of academics, diversity and entertainment while planning these events to ensure that they are well-rounded, meaning that they will have a positive impact on the student body.

Lastly, the Office of Student Government oversees the Commuter Resource Center (CRC), which is now located in the Nancy Thompson Library Learning Commons. Since Kean is known to be predominately a commuter school, this resource is available to ensure that commuter students have the same quality of the college experience.

Within the CRC, there are many resources for the student body to utilize, such as a microwave, mini fridge, water cooler, computer workstations, a colored printer as well as a prime studying space and a multi-function room. Additionally, students are able to rent out lockers for the academic year, as commuters often times have to bring many items with them to campus. These lockers are located in Townsend Hall.

For more information on the resource offered by the CRC, be sure to visit them Nancy Thompson Library Learning Commons, call (908) 737-4093 or email

Overall, the Office of Student Government and its multiple branches strives to give the student body of Kean the programming and the resources that students need to further their college experience through educational, academic and cultural means.

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Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

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