The Bookstore Has Got You Covered

A look into the items and services that the Kean University Bookstore offers

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The Bookstore Has Got You Covered
There are many resources at the Kean University Bookstore such as apparel, electronics, school supplies, textbooks and even a cafe.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

Located in the Green Lane Academic Building (GLAB), the Kean University Barnes and Noble Bookstore offers a wide variety of items and services for students to utilize. Everything from textbooks, apparel, study space and a cafe, the bookstore is sure to have what students are looking for.

There is a large selection of Kean Apparel for students to chose from.

The bookstore is a hub for all things Kean with apparel ranging from sweatshirts, hats, shirts and more. There is a wide variety of apparel to ensure that everyone finds what they are looking for. Students can find the latest styles of Kean gear to rep around campus and show Kean Pride. The bookstore also has sales to accommodate everyone. Students can be notified about these sales by signing up for the Kean bookstore email notifications.

Students can utilize the My College Bookstore App, which offers a lot of perks. Those who download the app can receive exclusive deals and discounts as well as a Cafe Loyalty Card. They will also be alerted about store notifications such as special events that may be happening. App users can make in-app purchases, track their orders and get reminders to return rental books.

One of the great resources that the bookstore offers is the textbooks section and services. Figuring out what textbooks one needs and finding them can be a daunting task, but the bookstore is here to ease this process for students. Firstly, students need to know which textbooks they need to purchase. Professors put this information in the syllabus, however it can also be found on KeanWise. Students can sign into KeanWise, hit the "Students" section and click "My class schedule'" under the "Academic Profile" tab. Select the correct term, which will lead to one's schedule. Finally, click "View Books" on the bottom of the schedule, which will lead to the Kean Barnes & Noble website. All necessary course materials will be listed here as well as the pricing options for each one.

The cafe has many food options for students as well as ample seating to eat and study.

The bookstore is able to stock textbooks and other supplies, such as access codes, at a professor's request. They are organized by subject and labeled with the course name and section number for students to easily locate. If one is having trouble finding a textbook that they need for a course, there is always a staff member that is ready and willing to help ease the process.

Guillermo Giler, the general manager of the bookstore, said, "Students can benefit from many services offered here at the bookstore. The bookstore's most beneficial service is the textbook program that allows students to rent and/or buy digital and printed textbooks, price match with and/or, and sell used textbooks for cash back at the end of the semester."

Textbooks are available for purchase and rent both new or used. If one rents a textbook, it is vital that they return it by the date that is set at the purchase. The bookstore provides price matching for new and used rental books with local competitors such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It should be noted that the bookstore is unable to price match digital textbooks, access codes, special orders, new rentals, peer-to-peer pricing and online marketplaces, however if one has a question regarding price matching do not hesitate to ask.

The Kean University Bookstore is located on the ground floor of the Green Lane Academic Building.

The bookstore also has a lot of space for students to use to study or meet up with their peers to collaborate. Whether one wants to plug in and do their own work or bounce their ideas off of other students, there is plenty of space to do so. There is also a Barnes & Noble Cafe that serves Starbucks Coffee and has plenty of food options to accommodate everyone. Students can stop in quickly before class or spend an afternoon in the comfortable environment.

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