Coffee & Tea with the Director

A meeting with Kean University's Director of Graduate English and Writing Studies

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Coffee & Tea with the Director
Students had the opportunity to have coffee and tea with the Director of Graduate English & Writing Studies, Mia Zamora, Ph.D.
Khali Raymond, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019, Kean University's English Department held Coffee & Tea with the Director of Graduate English Writing Studies, Mia Zamora, Ph.D, to discuss with students the endless possibilities that will arise by taking their education to the next level. The event took place in the Center for Academic Success (CAS), Room 314.

This was an opportunity for students to sit down with Zamora and learn more about the Graduate English Writing Studies program. Additionally, were plenty of coffee and tea flavors for students to drink along with cookies for them to eat.

Kean University's 30-credit Master of Arts program in English Writing Studies is tailored toward students seeking to improve their writing skills and further their careers, understanding the basis of great writing to pursue their passion.

"Sometimes, we have five students sitting around and just talking. Other times, it's just two. It's quite small," said Zamora. "We just started doing these Coffee and Tea with the Director events last spring. We had two then and now we've had two this fall. We'll probably have two or three more in the forthcoming Spring semester."

Zamora typically teaches graduate courses but will teach undergraduate classes every once in a while such as World Literature. For the Spring 2020 semester, she will be teaching Ethnic American Literature, which answers the questions of what it means to be American through the eyes of America's literary traditions.

Zamora feels that Coffee & Tea gives students an idea of what the Graduate English Writing Studies program is.

"I usually tell people what the programs are like and the kinds of students we have," continued Zamora. "I talk to them about what people do when they get a Master's in writing studies."

She believes the turnout of Coffee and Tea throughout the semester is a reflection of the graduate program itself.

"The incoming class this year was fifteen students, which is a big class for us. In the past, our normal entry was around eight students or so. Fifteen is sort of a tick up," says Zamora. "It's an intimate program. All the students know and work with one another, which creates a sense of connection between them."

The English Writing Studies program gets students on the path taking their education further. Zamora gives a bit of insight on what it would take for a student to become an English professor.

"Obtaining a Ph.D takes a student through the first step, which is the Masters," says Zamora. "The Masters would prepare a student to teach first-year, undergraduate students. If they desire to become a professor, then they would have to get a doctoral degree, which requires them to do different research as they teach."

Having a Masters is essential to those looking to go into the publishing field. Zamora feels that this will provide additional bolstering.

"It will help you understand text," she says. "Having an M.A. in writing studies would be useful in trying to get publishing jobs," Zamora says.

For more information about the School of English Studies, students can visit its web page on the Kean website. To learn more about the Graduate English Writing Studies program, contact Zamora at or check out its web page on the Kean website.

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Khali Raymond, Staff Writer

Khali Raymond is a junior pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in English with a Writing Option. He graduated from Berkeley College - Newark with his Associate’s in Business Administration in August 2019. Joining the staff in September 2019, he works as a staff writer for The Cougar’s Byte. Khali has a lengthy resume with five years of professional experience in creative writing and publishing. He has written for editorials such as The Obama Foundation, Prudential, and PTSDJournal. Khali is also a performance poet and emcee. Khali plans to proceed with his plans of becoming a bestselling author, critically acclaimed poet and a multi-platinum selling artist after attaining his degree from Kean University.