Clementoni's Journey to Kean

Student Andrew Clementoni shares his experience after transferring to Kean

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Clementoni's Journey to Kean
Clementoni reflects on his time as a transfer student at Kean.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

Kean University is known to be home to many transfer students. Transitioning from one college to another can be a difficult and overwhelming time, but senior Andrew Clementoni shared that he had a positive experience when transferring to Kean.

Clementoni first came to Kean when he was in sixth grade as his older sister was on a college visit. He recalled the welcoming atmosphere during the tour which left an impression on him. When applying to universities years later, Clementoni remembered this and made Kean one of his options. Come time to decide on a college, Clementoni assessed his options, but ultimately chose Kean.

After receiving his A.A. in Media Studies from Brookdale Community College, Clementoni is currently attending Kean to work toward a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Media and Film.

Clementoni said, "Transferring to Kean has enabled me to become more involved on campus and open up to others. Before Kean, I would have considered myself a shy person, who rarely engaged in extra-curriculars.  After transferring to Kean, I have realized there is more to college than just going to class."

Becoming involved on campus is something that Clementoni realized either makes or breaks one's college experience. Because of this, he is now a part of the Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Club as the vice president and Kean's Point and Shoot Club, a photography club, as the head researcher.

Andrew Clementoni- Transfer Students
As a Peer Mentor, Clementoni offers students guidance and helps them navigate through Kean.

Clementoni works as a Peer Mentor for the School of General Studies. He recalls how helpful the peer mentors were to him when he took the course himself. They assisted him in many ways, such as when he was making his schedule or trying to navigate his way through campus. Now, Clementoni gets to pay it forward and help other students with the same issues.

The peer mentors are on campus to assist professors in the GE 1000 and 3000 courses, which are intended to help transition freshmen and transfer students to Kean. They also meet with students one-on-one and mentor them while registering for classes. Clementoni also answers students' questions, encourages them to be active on campus and helps improve their Kean experience in any way that he can.

Clementoni said, "Nothing makes me happier than seeing my past students strive to open up and become more involved on campus. A greater college experience for them is a greater college experience for me."

Being a transfer student can feel overwhelming because one is in a whole new environment surrounded by unfamiliar people. Clementoni explained that Kean has a lot of resources to help transfer students get on the right track and feel at home in their new school.

When asked what advice he would give to incoming transfer students, Clementoni said, "Enjoy the ride, because it will go faster than you think."

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