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Ursino Steakhouse & Tavern has rolled out an express lunch menu for Kean University to enjoy

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Express Some Love for Cougar Express
Ursino Steakhouse & Tavern is located behind Kean University's STEM Building.
Bryanna Henderson, Staff Writer

Everyone likes the idea of fine dining, but not everyone has the means to enjoy it all of the time. The Kean community now has a chance to delight in some discounted fine dining, as Ursino Steakhouse & Tavern, a restaurant in their own backyard, has rolled out a Cougar Express Lunch Menu for the Kean community to enjoy.

Located behind the STEM building, Ursino Steakhouse & Tavern is a restaurant with a diverse menu of food and drinks. Its name derives from Liberty Hall, which is located not too far from the restaurant, and is where the Kean and Livingston families lived. The named was changed to Ursino by Susan Livingston after she married Count Julian Niemcewicz.

Ursino Steakhouse & Tavern rolled out a discounted menu to allow the Kean community to enjoy its food at a lower price. The Kean community can stop in to order something from their menu before continuing on their way to class, work or wherever else they need to be.

Prices on the Cougar Express Lunch menu range from $6 to $10, and the menu features a curated list of food for guests to choose from. Some options include the Cougar Burger, BLT, Italian Press, Ursino Wings, Kean Quesadillas, Personal Pizzas and the Chef Salad. These items are also served with either fries or salad, except for the Quesadilla.

This offer at Ursino Steakhouse & Tavern is exclusively for students and faculty of Kean University, so providing a Kean ID is necessary to receive the discount. The deal is available from Tuesday through Friday, from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For anyone who is wondering, these are not the only deals that Ursino Steakhouse & Tavern has to offer. They often provide different weekly deals, like the Cougar Express Lunch menu, for people to partake in. Presently, they have Super Sunday Football events going on, for football fans and anyone else in the community looking for a fun evening with delicious food. Recently, guests have also been able to attend brunch at Ursino Steakhouse & Tavern, which started back in January.

In addition to the Cougar Express Lunch Menu, Ursino Steakhouse & Tavern has a large variety of food and drinks to choose from, including different soups, salads and steaks. For anyone curious about the rest of the restaurant's options, a comprehensive menu is available on the restaurant's website.

For more information, and to see what else Ursino Steakhouse & Tavern has to offer, visit the Ursino Steakhouse & Tavern website or their Instagram page (@ursinosteakhouse).

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