Getting in the Midterm Mindset

Midterm Meditation was an event held to get students ready to take on their Midterms

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Getting in the Midterm Mindset
At this event students were able to unwind and learn healthy stress coping mechanisms just in time for midterms.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

This past Tuesday, Oct. 29, an event called Midterm Meditation was held in the Nancy Thompson Library Learning Commons. The purpose of this event was to allow students to recharge and get in the right head space to take their midterms. Students know that when it comes time for tests, they tend to get easily overwhelmed and need ways to calm themselves down to be able to focus. At this event, attendees were educated on different forms of stress relievers, which allows them to have a clear mind when it comes time to work on their academics.

Midterm Meditation
Playa Bowls came and made acai bowls for the attendees.

This event was hosted by the Commuter Resource Center (CRC), which is under the Office of Student Government. The CRC strives to support commuter students, as a majority of Kean students fall under this category. They do this through their programming, which aims to enhance students social, academic and cultural well-being. While the CRC's target audience are commuter students, their programs are always open to all Kean students.

At the event, there was zen music playing in the background which promoted relaxation and inner balance. Students could choose from a variety of coloring sheets to induce calmness and creativity. The coloring pages even had motivational quotes to cheer up the students. Also, there was free food at the event from Playa Bowls, where the workers helped students make their own acai fruit bowls.

Another activity at Midterm Meditation was essential oil inhaler making. This is something that students can take with them on the go and use in a variety of ways. Depending on the oils that the students chose, the inhaler could help with sleep, stress, muscle tension and much more. Since it is portable, students will be able to utilize it wherever and whenever they need it.

Midterm Meditation
Students were able to make their own essential oil inhalers.

Students were also able to participate in meditation sessions, which were held by meditation instructors. They informed students on how to mediate, the benefits, and ways for them to implement techniques into their routines to reduce their stress.

Kebira Belmacchi, a student aid under the Office of Student Government, said, "I think this event certainly helps students alleviate stress and it is a great distraction from the course load and the workload that they are all carrying."

She continued, "It also reminds student of how fun, supportive and engaging campus can be."

Overall, students learned several ways to handle their stressors, especially with midterms happening now. This was a positive event for students to learn how to balance their mental state along with their academics.

To learn more about the CRC, be sure to email them at or check out their Cougar Link page.

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