Networking with Social Networkers

Students will get a behind the scenes look at the influencer business and what it takes to be one

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Networking with Social Networkers
The Social Media Summit will take place Dec. 4 in the STEM Auditorium.
Bryanna Henderson, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Dec. 4, at 5:30 p.m., students will be able to gather in the STEM Auditorium for the Social Media Summit. Hosted by KeanTV, the Social Media Summit is a chance for aspiring influencers to meet people that are already working hard in their field and discover how they too can grow their brand.

KeanTV is a student run television station that provides TV shows for the Kean Community and beyond. With the help of the KeanTV Adviser Gina Gili, KeanTV is bringing Kean social media influencers together in one room to form an engaging panel.

"I am looking to achieve a couple of things: First of all, community. I want the greatest influencers on campus to be able to network, and get to know the person they've been following online," Gili said. "This is also an excellent opportunity for students to network with alumni influencers. Second, I want to have our panel discussion include content creation and influencing, which any social media user can benefit from."

This event is about allowing anyone hoping to break into the influencer world to get a better understanding of what it takes to make their dreams come true as well as making connections with people that can help them on their journey.

Students will have a chance to have an open discussion with seven different influencers: three alumni and four students, who have a combined social media following of about 300,000 people. There will be an opportunity for students to send in questions before the event or they can wait and ask their questions that day.

The Kean alumni influencers featured at the summit include Amanda Lovelace (@ladybookmad), an award-winning poet; Ruby Asabor (@lavishruby), an entrepreneur and YouTube personality and Welena Noel (@lena_much),who is a brand ambassador for Nike and Under Armour.

Current Kean student influencers to be featured include, Rich Zeller (@itsrichz)and Khristian Woods(@trendsetterkalm), Matthew Skibniewski (@vowels.only) and Alyakim Meadows (@theculturecustoms). The event will be hosted by KeanTV President Beba Zilkic and KeanTV Vice President Tori Honore.

There will also be several VIP social media influencers at the event, including News 12's Mike Rizzo, Professor William Kolbenschlag, Jada Broadnax, Trinity Wade and more.

For anyone who wants to go, but is worried this event is only for communication majors, Gili wants them to know that that is not the case. Anyone who likes the idea of social media or is considering starting their own brand is welcome to come to the event.

"I'm looking to attract anyone in the Kean Community who is interested in social media, has an account in which they are looking to gain followers, or looking to network with other students and alumni influencers," Gili continued, "Even if you are brand new to social media, or looking to grow an account, this is the event for you!"

If that's not enough to get everybody interested, there will be plenty of mini events happening during the Social Media Summit for students to look forward to. There will be a raffle of door prizes and gifts that students will be able to take home. The Social Media Summit will also be streamed on KeanTV social media accounts (@keantv), so anyone unable to attend the event can watch it there.

For more information students can check the Social Media Summit page on Cougar Link. To register for the Social Media Summit, students can search

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