Register for Research Days 2020!

Kean Research Days is an opportunity for students and faculty to present their findings from the academic year

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Register for Research Days 2020!
An example of a Research Days presentation from 2018, courtesy of Reenat Munshi.
Paige Fleming, Creative Marketing Specialist

Kean Research Days 2020, happening in the spring of 2020, is just around the corner. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) hosts the annual Research Days event at Kean University. Acting Director Susan Gannon and Assistant Director Reenat Munshi say the research days is a great way for students to network and showcase their research in non-competitive environment.

"This event is wide open," said Gannon. "Every student with a faculty adviser is usually accepted."

The three-day event allows for students and faculty campus-wide to present and celebrate their research or creative achievements to others in the campus community. Students who are conducting original research under faculty supervision are eligible to present. Team projects are also encouraged.

Examples of some presentation formats include:

  • Poster presentations
  • Group oral presentations
  • Panel discussions
  • Exhibits and demonstrations
  • Performances

Presenters are not limited to only these presentation formats.

"We've had films, musical performances, app designs," Munshi said. "It's amazing to see students think about these concepts."

Kean Research Days 2018

A student using virtual reality from the Research Days in 2018, courtesy of Reenat Munshi.

The research material presented is limitless, and can span from a range of topics and majors, dual major teams and can incorporate creative or interactive elements, as well.

An example project that Munshi provided was named "Dove--A Time for Love," by Michael DiTomasso. His research was focused on paternity leave statistics on a global level, in order to open a public discussion about paternity leave in America. Here is an excerpt from his proposal:

"Working with DOVE and The One Club, we want to create a public service advertising campaign for social media platforms that will encourage employees and employers alike to begin the discussion and come to an agreement. Our conclusion thus far has been that, although slightly increasing, the availability of paid paternity leave in the workplace is still seriously lacking."

Many opportunities present themselves during the research process such as future fellowships, internships and conferences. Other benefits include networking and collaboration opportunities. Munshi and Gannon encourage any and all students to participate in this event.

Additionally, students have their participation in the research days placed on their Co-Curricular Transcript, and which also acts as a great resume builder.

Gannon also adds that free poster printing is available for students who meet the deadline.

"As long as students submit their poster before or on the deadline, we are able to print your poster for free," said Gannon.

A tentative schedule for the entire Research Days 2020 event is available on the Kean website's Research Days 2020 web page. Student registration is also linked on that same web page. Students should keep in mind that Monday, Feb. 17, 2020 is the last day students will be able to register.

For more information on the Research Days 2020, or for any questions or concerns, please contact

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