SLAM the EXAM and Write-In

The Office of Student Success and Retention and the NTLC to host all resources to help students during finals season

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SLAM the EXAM and Write-In
SLAM the EXAM and Write-In is an event full of all the academic resources available at Kean.
Abigail Anne Rafael, Senior Editor

The Office of Student Success and Retention and the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons (NTLC) will host two opportunities for students to SLAM the EXAM and Write-in. The events will be held at the NTLC from 6 to 10 p.m. for those late night study sessions. The first of these events takes place Wednesday, Dec. 11 with another session taking place Thursday, Dec. 12.

As the semester comes to a close, many students must suffer the weight of multiple projects, presentations, papers and exams. For students, this may mean many late nights at the NTLC. To relieve some of the stress and provide assistance during these testing times, SLAM the EXAM and Write-In will combine all the resources of the NTLC into one space for the convenience of students.

"The idea for Slam the Exam and Write-in is a result of continued collaboration between the Office of Student Success and Retention and the Learning Commons, more specifically, Tutoring, Writing, Public Speaking and Supplemental Instruction, to provide students with resources to be successful throughout their college journey," said Managing Assistant Director of NTLC Michael Fabio. “During this two-night event, students will receive support as they prepare for final exams, papers and presentations."

The events will feature writing specialists from the Writing Center, a blessing for students given the papers they must finish. Students will be able to have the drafts of their papers reviewed by the specialists in 20 minute sessions. This event may be of particular interest of students as they can drop by at any point during SLAM the EXAM and Write-In and receive assistance without an appointment.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders will also make their services available to students during SLAM the EXAM and Write-In. SI Leaders are students who offer academic assistance to students. This resource may be of particular interest to students as SI Leaders have already taken the difficult courses the students may be currently facing. Therefore, SI Leaders are able to share their real-life experience, free of charge, to their peers during informal study sessions. Study sessions with the SI Leaders will be held on the second floor of the NTLC.

Adding to the wealth of knowledge, tutors from the Tutoring Center will also be present to assist students. Tutors from the Tutoring Center particularly specialize in the fields of Science, Mathematics and Business.

Furthermore, representatives of the Public Speaking Lab will be present at SLAM the EXAM and Write-In to practice their presentations with the instruction and guidance of a specialist. Their services are not limited just to presentations, but also interviews, professional speeches and anything else students may need. Partaking in these sessions may help students become more comfortable with public speaking, an important skill to develop before graduating.

"The Slam the Exam and Write-In event will offer students an opportunity to gain support from librarians, tutors and SI leaders to prepare for final exam week," said Fabio. "By coming to this event, students will have an opportunity to go over questions or concerns they may have with regard to final assignments and/or exams and provide them an opportunity to be well-prepared for finals.”

Students will need to utilize these academic resources at some point in their academic careers at Kean. Active participation and use of these resources may help students succeed in their classes and graduate on time.

SLAM the EXAM and Write-In is just another way Kean supports their students and gives them the means to succeed. For more information on the event, students can contact Gillan Scott at, managing assistant director of Academic Technology for the Office of Student Success and Retention, or Fabio at, both of who led this initiative.

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Abigail Anne Rafael, Senior Editor

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