Getting Involved for the Spring

Come explore the array of employment and involvement opportunities on campus

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Getting Involved for the Spring
The Center for Leadership and Service will be hosting a fair to give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in campus life.
Khali Raymond, Staff Writer

With the Spring semester well underway, there are opportunities available for students to immerse themselves in everything that Kean has to offer. The Center for Leadership and Service will be hosting their Student Involvement and Employment Fair in the Miron Student Center on Tuesday, Feb. 4th from 12 to 4 p.m.

This event will give students the chance to learn more about various student organizations on campus, or delve into a potential employment opportunity, so they can build their resume while beginning their involvement.

Many organizations will have tables set up to showcase their uniqueness, along with the benefits that they provide to students. Kean departments on campus will also be presenting at the expo, to give students information about applying for jobs on campus.

Working on campus comes with many advantages, especially for students that reside on campus. Being employed on campus will not require students who dorm to travel a far distance.

Additionally, it helps students become more acquainted with other faculty and students on campus, which will help them create a network and become more integrated into the campus community.

Below are a few organizations that have been confirmed to be appearing at the expo:

Involvement on campus has many benefits, as there are a lot of choices available to students, whether it be joining a club, a sports team, or volunteering in the community. Campus involvement will help students to:

  • make new friends and connect with various people
  • expand their interests and learn different skills
  • improve their grades and retain higher GPA's
  • build community and learn to work with others
  • establish a connection between the student and the school

Campus involvement gives students a seamless experience amid their time in college. At Kean, this is recorded on a student's co-curricular transcript, which is a record of a student's involvement in educational experiences that take place outside of the classroom.

The purpose of the co-curricular transcript is to highlight a student's personal journey, while providing an overview of their skills and abilities.

Students who are highly involved have increased marketability to employers and graduate schools, which are looking for exceptional candidates that take charge, develop and lead.

A co-curricular transcript can be curated to compliment academic transcripts or resumes. All official co-curricular transcripts are official documents of Kean University, embellished with the university's seal. The co-curricular transcript is centered around four learning components:

  • Awards, Honors & Scholarships
  • Student Organization and Leadership Activities
  • Educational Workshops and Programs
  • Community Service and Civic Engagement

Students can view their unofficial co-curricular transcript by logging onto Cougar Link. If a student wishes to request their official co-curricular transcript, the online co-curricular transcript request form can be found under "Forms" on Cougar Link.

For more information about the expo, students can email, or call the Involvement Center at (908) 737-5270.

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Khali Raymond, Staff Writer

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