Come Work for the School of General Studies!

The School of General Studies is now hiring GEMs and TIMs

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Come Work for the School of General Studies!
Students can apply to be a GEM or TIM with the School of General Studies.
Abigail Anne Rafael, Senior Editor

Applications to work as a General Education Mentor (GEM) or Transfer Instructional Mentor (TIM) with the School of General Studies are open now until Monday, Feb. 3 on Cougar Link.

Mentors work to help freshman and transfer students adapt to the Kean college experience. Mentors accomplish this by working alongside professors, assisting in Transition to Kean (T2K) courses, holding peer-to-peer meetings, helping at open houses, helping at New Student Orientation, assisting at the School of General Studies office and more.

"Being a mentor for the School of General Studies is very rewarding," said GEM Jianna Pisa. "I enjoy the one on one time with the GE 1000 and GE 3000 students. I also enjoy being able to co-facilitate their Transition to Kean class. Also, my fellow mentors make this job very enjoyable!"

To be considered for the position of a GEM or a TIM, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • Hold at least 16 credits at the start of Spring 2020 or have transferred 29 credits to Kean
  • Have completed the GE 1000 or 3000 Transition to Kean course
  • Be willing to co-facilitate GE 1000 or 3000 courses with professors
  • Complete the Mandatory Peer Leader Training Workshop
  • Be free of any academic or disciplinary sanctions
  • Have an understanding of KeanWise and campus resources
  • Be able to work 6 to 20 hours per week
  • Have a flexible weekend schedule

Applicants will also need to have two letters of recommendation from an employer and/or a professor. All recommendations must utilize the Letter of Recommendation Form, and letters must be submitted to Professional Services Specialist (PSS)/Peer Mentor Coordinator Stephanie McCluney in the Center for Academic Success (CAS), Room 111. Each letter must be sealed with the name of the applicant on the envelope.

"My advice to a future mentor would be to take initiative within the job! By doing so, you can open doors with professors, faculty and ultimately expand your knowledge and involvement in Kean University," said Pisa.

Being a GEM or TIM enables students to expand their involvement at Kean University by exposing them to many students, on campus events and Kean staff. GEMs and TIMs work hands-on with students at Kean, and are able to choose to work in either a GE 1000 class that helps transitioning freshman or in a GE 3000 class that helps transitioning transfer students.

"I wanted to be a GEM in order to expand my involvement and work on campus. Little did I know this job would bring me big opportunities and a family here at Kean that will last!" said Pisa. "Being a mentor has greatly impacted my life here at Kean in the most positive way possible. My one last piece of advice would be to stay motivated as a a mentor and a student. Make every day productive!"

For more information on GEM and TIM applications, students can view Cougar Link. To apply, students can submit an application via Google Forms.

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