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OAR is dedicated to exploring new places and creating bonds with their members.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

The Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Club (OAR) is a unique student group that is offered on campus. Their goals are to get outside and get moving to see what natural wonders New Jersey and the surrounding area has to offer. In doing so, they have created an inviting and friendly environment for all current and prospective members.

While OAR does have general body meetings to discuss their endeavors for the semester, they focus their time together on getting outside and visiting interesting destinations. They take many trips throughout the semester, which vary from small hiking trips to larger camping trips. That way, there is a trip for everyone to enjoy.

The club began as a more camp themed club, however they have slightly transitioned the club to include other types of trips to new and exciting places.

Michael Gonzalez, president of OAR, said, “We kind of really were interested in branching out and going to very very strange places around New Jersey. [We are] trying to see things that were very interesting that nobody else got to see around or talk about."

OAR stands out from other student groups on campus because there is no academic focus, rather, they value the bonds that they create between their members while on their trips.

Andrew Clementoni said, "The purpose of the club is mainly to...bring Kean students from all sorts of different programs together, because a lot of clubs are based on solely one major, and that’s good for whoever’s in that major, but it's a club to kind of get away from school in general and have a good time, and [create bonds] with people."

The members agree that there is a large sense of community and acceptance within the organization, which makes members want to keep returning semester after semester. Since there are no boundaries for joining the club, such as having a specific major, it draws students from all over Kean. The members have different backgrounds and interests other than this club, creating a unique environment.

Gonzalez said, "There’s a sense of community in our club, we enjoy each other’s company." He continued, "You actually form bonds...this is a club [in which] you can actually create friendships, and they last."

This semester, OAR is looking forward to returning to places they love, but also seeking to make some new adventures. They are always welcome to suggestions from their members for where they should travel to next. Through these trips, the members will be able to appreciate the outdoors and enjoy nature with the comfort of their friends.

To learn more about OAR, be sure to visit their Cougar Link page.

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