Delta Phi Epsilon hosts ANAD Week

Delta Phi Epsilon raises awareness for the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders

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Delta Phi Epsilon hosts ANAD Week
The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon host their annual ANAD week to help out a good cause.
Justin Kanski, Staff Writer

Throughout the week of Feb. 24 to Feb. 28, the proud sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon hosted their annual ANAD Week for their national philanthropy, the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD). This was a week full of informative events to help promote and educate people about eating disorders and body positivity throughout the community

ANAD stands for the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. It is an organization aimed to fight eating disorders and provides resources for families, schools and the eating disorder community. The group was created by Vivian Hanson Meehan who was a nurse that started a support group for those who wanted to find information on Anorexia Nervosa which eventually expanded to becoming many groups spanning across the United States of America.

Delta Phi Epsilon partnered with the organization back in 1985 and ever since their partnership, the sorority has not only raised funds but hosted many events throughout the nation at many different college campuses such as candlelight vigils and ANAD weeks such as this one.

On Wed. Feb. 26, the event Better than Barbie was held to show people that they are perfect in their own skin and do not need to have Barbie's unrealistic expectations. People do not need to live up to Barbie's standards and can live the life they want to without all the extra insecurities.

Precious Castanon, a senior and sister of Delta Phi Epsilon, said, "You are perfect the way you are and that is what we want to stand for and encourage everybody out in this world with because, in today's society, everybody thinks you need to look a certain way and have a certain height to do anything."

Castanon said, "You should embrace the empowerment and the love of self that you have and be proud of who you are."

Some of the other events that were hosted included No Makeup Monday, Break the Scale, Take What You Need, and Trash Your Insecurities. All of these events were hosted in the Miron Student Center (MSC) Atrium for all students to come out and show support to a great cause.

Alexis Reed, the vice president of programming for Delta Phi Epsilon says that ANAD week is one of the biggest events the sorority has done and putting on an event such as ANAD week made her realize how much of an impact it has for the student life at Kean to make them aware of what is really happening on campus.

"The biggest thing that Delta Phi Epsilon has done for me is show me how involved I can get and how much of an impact I can have. Even though I am just one person, my organization has allowed me to be my own leader and put on this entire week of events that has made a difference in the student life. I believe that the true mission of Delta Phi Epsilon is to bring women together and to spread positivity and impactful changes in the world we live in today," said Reed.

Be sure to visit Delta Phi Epsilon's page on Cougar Link for more information on the sorority. Also, check out their website which showcases their other philanthropies and their character as a group of women who have dedicated their lives to making a difference.

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Justin Kanski, Staff Writer

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