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NCNW gave students a better idea of how to include healthier food into their diets

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NCNW gave students insights into how to eat healthier at SOULFOOD: Food for the Soul.

Bryanna Henderson, Staff Writer

Eating healthy can be something everyone wants to do, but is unsure how to get started. In honor of Black History Month, and to help give more information for eating healthier, the National Council of Negro Women, Inc (NCNW) hosted SOULFOOD: Food for the Soul on Feb. 27. The event was centered around discussing ways to eat healthier, and what students can do to make sure they are fitting better foods into their day-to-day lives. The event took place in the Miron Student Center (MSC) from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

The NCNW is not only a Kean University organization, but a national coalition, with different sections and affiliations throughout the United States. Their purpose is to empower women of African descent to become strong leaders in the world, and to work for and with each other. The NCNW has hosted events at Kean University before, most recently their For Us by Us conference on Feb. 6, which offered workshops, lectures and presentations to promote that which NCNW stands for: empowering those of African descent in their daily lives. Their most recent event, SOULFOOD: Food for the Soul, followed this trend by promoting a healthier way of eating in 2020.

Those attending first gathered in MSC to partake in a meal and share a moment together. NCNW provided healthy choice foods, such as rice and beans, and served a punch to drink. Everyone then sat together in a square and taking a few minutes to catch up with old friends, make new ones and enjoy each other's company.

After the gathering, members of the NCNW team introduced themselves before they launched into the main topic of the event. Mary Clark, NCNW's president, stood between the tables to face everyone and went over exactly why everyone had met in the MSC that day.

"SOULFOOD: Food for the Soul is a program we decided to put together to bring awareness to the healthy food options that you have," said Clark. "We wanted to provide some tips and tricks, as well as some pertinent information about your health, what you can do to incorporate some more plant-based options into your diet and how to go about doing all that."

Clark went on to share some facts about food and how people decide when and what to eat. From here, the floor was opened for everyone to ask and answer questions, or to discuss some of the facts and information that Clark brought up. The event was a chance for everyone to have an open discussion and learn more about how they could incorporate healthy food into their diet.

NCNW will be hosting more events in the coming months. Students can visit the National Council of Negro Women, Inc's page on Cougar Link. There next event will be Fitness Friendzy which will be taking place on March 5.

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