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Her Rise to the Top
Taylor Davis encourages all her peers to stay positive and motivated in achieving their dreams.
Abigail Anne Rafael, Senior Editor

Coming to Kean University in the Fall of 2015 was like a homecoming for Union, NJ native Taylor Davis. In her four years at Kean, she has excelled in all aspects of her college career, managing her academics, an on-campus job and her Student Organization responsibilities.

Davis is currently a senior majoring in history, with a concentration in pre-law. Additionally, Davis holds a minor in political science, and is also working to earn a yoga certification at Kean.

Davis has been a part of Student Government since her freshman year, and has held many positions over the years. With every different position came new responsibilities and opportunities for even more involvement on campus. After years of hard work and experience, Davis earned her current position as president of Student Organization.

"Being president, I have had the honor of meeting with so many amazing members of the Kean community and being able to work with them to make Kean as amazing as it is," said Davis. "Also, as president, I have had the opportunity to be able to interact with students on campus. That, I have to say, is my favorite part. I love being able to get to know all the students on campus. Meeting new students, and getting to know them, makes my day!"

Davis' passion to inspire and encourage students is what ultimately motivated her to run for the presidency.

"The position of president has really impacted my experience at Kean," said Davis. "Getting to interact with so many different people on campus...has helped me grow into the individual that I am today and am aspiring to be."

In addition to her responsibilities at Student Organization, Davis also maintains a position with the Office of Management and Marketing, her academics and her life. Her experience has taught her the importance of time management in juggling all aspects of one's life; a tip she wishes to share with her peers.

"Time management is key. Every day I write in my calendar and my to-do list what I need to do, and at what time. That way, just in case I am needed for a meeting or [a speech], I can make the proper adjustments. I like to keep things color coordinated, as well!" said Davis.

In consideration of Kean's current remote education initiative, Davis, like many, has had to adapt her time according to her new, online courses. But her years of experience at Kean has helped her develop her strength, resilience and positivity.

Davis addresses and seeks to encourage her peers, saying, "In light of everything that is going on, we will get through this. I know times are tough, and some of us are not online learners, but do not fret! We will get through this together, and before you know it we will be back in our normal class setting. No matter how long it takes, we will be fine, because we are strong! Keep positive thoughts, keep pushing, and keep in mind that the end of the semester is near!"

After completing her degree at Kean, Davis will go on to pursue her Master of Arts in Higher Education: Administration/Student Affairs at Rowan University. She then hopes to enroll in a doctoral program and earn her Juris Doctor degree. Her aspiration in life is to work at a university as an attorney and to, eventually, become the president of the university.

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Abigail Anne Rafael, Senior Editor

Abigail Anne Rafael is the Senior Editor for The Cougar’s Byte and first joined staff in January 2018. She is a communication major with a concentration in public relations. Abigail aims to inspire and motivate readers with her writing. After graduating from Kean, she hopes to work for a Catholic company to dispel mistruths about the Church.