Allen's Achievements

Junior Shanice Allen shares how she is preparing to take on the medical field in her post-graduate endeavors

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Allen's Achievements
Junior Shanice Allen is majoring in General Biology and minoring in Communications.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

One of the greatest lessons one can learn from their college experience is to not be afraid to take opportunities that cross one's path. Shanice Allen, a junior at Kean University, can attest to this.

Allen is studying general biology and minoring in communications. She chose Kean University to pursue this degree because of the unique campus culture and enriching educational experience. 

Allen said, “My major was chosen because I am passionate about medicine and helping others. I want to go into the medical field and being a biology major is the first step towards it.”

For Allen, completing her undergraduate degree from Kean is just one of the first steps in completing her ultimate goal of entering the medical field. She recognizes, however, that to stand out, she must not only excel in the classroom, but apply herself in other areas as well. 

For the first two years of her undergraduate career, Allen was involved in the EEO/EOF program as a peer mentor. She also was employed by Residential Student Services (RSS) during the summer as a Resident Assistant. Additionally, she held the position of secretary for Women of Excellence. Through these experiences, Allen was able to involve herself in the Kean community more, and grow as an individual. 

Currently, Allen is serving as the Student Representative on the Kean-Wenzhou Board of Directors. This is a great achievement, as there are only two students from Kean USA on this board. 

Allen is also a founder and president of Crowned with Grace, a black female empowerment organization. She is currently also working for RSS as a customer service representative. Meanwhile, she is conducting research with Dr. Lorusso on human skin microbiomes, and in her free time volunteers at Trinitas Regional Medical Center. 

In addition, Allen has been ivitied to student panels and professional conferences in which she speaks to students. She explains how they can make a change in their life as well as their community.

Allen said, "I take pride in these chances to speak."

She continued, "I do not think many students know the power they haev to encourage a change anywhere and promote themselves."

Through all of these endeavors and accomplishments, Allen is expanding her college experience and preparing to enter the medical field. 

Allen said, “Kean has already shown me that my future is achievable because of the opportunities I took advantage of along my college career.”

Balancing all of these obligations while trying to excel in the classroom is no easy feat. To help herself manage, Allen formats her schedule to help her achieve all that she needs to for the week. She also uses a planner to stay on track of assignments and ensure that she does not miss any due dates. Additionally, she inputs time for self-care into her routine, which is essential to her success and well-being. 

Allen said, “My advice to every college student on this campus is to understand that when something gets hard or seems [impossible to achieve], you should not give up.”

She continued, “I had many times when I was ready to give up and was down on my luck. But I reminded myself that nothing is permanent, and with effort, you can change it.”

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