An Everyday Leader and a New Trustee

Newly-elected Alternate Student Trustee Kobe Robinson discusses anticipations of a new role and successes at Kean

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An Everyday Leader and a New Trustee
Sophomore Kobe Robinson: the new alternate Student Trustee.
John Artenstein, Editor

Kean sophomore Kobe Robinson is no stranger to getting involved and making a difference in the community. Already an ambitious member of several student groups and pillar of the student body, Robinson was elected Alternate Student Trustee for the Kean University Board of Trustees on April 16.

Robinson is majoring in communication with a specialty in media and film, and minoring in marketing; a member of Student Government, the Leadership Institute, and the Kean chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA); an employee of the Miron Student Center; and, in 2019, as if all that weren't enough, an Orientation Leader.

The role of Alternate Student Trustee morphs into voting Student Trustee during the second year of a two-year term. In this capacity, Robinson will attend and contribute to public university Board meetings as a direct representative of the students on campus.

Additionally, as per the university's website, "Generally, the voting and alternate Student Trustees are appointed to membership on the Board of Trustees Student and University Affairs Committee and the Kean University Student Leadership Council...The Student Trustees also meet regularly with the Vice President for Student Affairs and give reports to both student governments."

It's a critical role for both trustees - and Robinson is more than up for the task.

Throughout an impressive resume of involvement, Robinson engages with fellow students, faculty and staff in various professional and social capacities - a uniquely qualified background for a new Student Trustee.

"I'm super excited for the position and the various connections I will build in the future," Robinson said, anxious to get involved even further and help the rest of the community better their experiences in similar ways.

Robinson faced a two-pronged challenge during the campaign: Not only was it the first campaign he'd ever run, but it was run during the unique circumstances that have kept the university's classes and student groups sidelined, meeting online only, during the latter half of this semester. As a result, the election was predominantly composed and fought online.

"This campaign has taught me a lot, especially how to use social media properly to promote myself. The type of interactions I had with students were very friendly and positive," Robinson said. "When sharing information and promoting my flyers, I constantly got positive feedback from the community."

Adaptability was critical during the election process, and it will be critical in the months ahead, as a transition to and from online education and extracurricular activities and conventional, campus-based activities will require diligent efforts from student representatives like Robinson.

"A challenge about becoming the alternative Student Trustee at this time is not being able to physically meet with the professional staff and others on the board," Robinson said.

But to Robinson, that's as much an opportunity as it is a challenge: "In my new role as alternate Student Trustee, I know I will have many responsibilities, but I am especially excited to do everything I can in my power to help students smoothly transition into the next upcoming school year after this unfortunate pandemic."

The drive to engage with focus and dedication is a constant for Robinson, whose daily effort is in making the most of every opportunity for self-improvement.

"My ambition in school is to keep doing things that will make me a better me. I find that constantly improving myself is something I love to do, whether it is physically or mentally. College is the best time to enhance my skills and to become something I'm proud of," Robinson said.

Robinson's contributions to the Kean community are ceaseless, and that's because both Robinson and Kean empower one another further.

"My experience as a student at Kean has been amazing...From the organizations I have joined to the clubs I'm a member of, I have built many connections. Everything I have been a part of has helped mold me into an individual I'm proud of. My involvement has forced me out of my shell and made me become a leader that wants to be an idol to others," Robinson said.

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