Getting Ready for Registration!

Make sure you have a smooth registration by following these tips and tricks

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Getting Ready for Registration!
Gear up for registration, Cougars!
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

Registration for Summer Sessions I and II, as well as the Fall 2020 semester, are coming up, which is when students enroll in their classes. There are a few steps that students have to take in order to have a smooth registration.

Registration transpires online via KeanWISE. This can be accessed by going to the Kean main web page, and then selecting the Quicklinks tab on the top right corner of the webpage. Then, students will be directed to the website, and can sign in using the “Log In” button on the top bar of the webpage. They can then select the “Students Menu” tab on the side menu to find all of the links they will need. 

All students must virtually sign the Financial Obligations Agreement prior to registration. This can be found on the KeanWISE Students menu under the "Registration" heading on the bottom left side of the webpage. 

Another factor that could restrict registration is whether a student has any holds on their account. This can be viewed by logging into KeanWISE and selecting the "Students" menu. There, students can click "Person Restriction" under the "Academic Profile" header to see if they have a hold. It should be noted that students cannot register for courses if they have any outstanding holds. 

Students must also meet with their academic advisor, which would typically be done in person, however this semester it will be done virtually. It is essential for students to email their advisors to get their advisement holds lifted from their accounts, which then allows them to register. During advisement, students will get advice and guidance on what courses to take, and tips on how to create a schedule that's right for them.

To look for courses to take, one should utilize KeanWISE. First, log in and select the "Students Menu," and then select "Search for Course Sections" under the "Registration" header. This can be used to search for information about classes, such as what the course entails and who the professor for the course is. It also shows when the classes are offered, so students should use this to create their schedule. 

Upon choosing their preferred schedule, students can create a list of preferred course sections prior to their registration day. This makes it possible for students to register for all preferred sections at once on their registration day. To do this, students can simply select "Register/Drop Sections" under the "Registration" header. This will bring them to a menu that activates different ways of registratering and dropping sections. To create a list of preferred sections, however, students must select "Search and Register for Sections." Students will then select the necessary filters to find their specific courses. To choose which sections they want on their preferred list, simply select the check box on the left most column of every section and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

On their actual registration day, students will then utilize the "Preferred Section List Registration" link of the Register/Drop Sections menu to register for the classes they had selected.

Registration eligibility is determined by how many courses one has completed. To find out when one is eligible to register for Summer I and II courses, visit the Kean Registration Information Webpage and select "When can I register for Summer I & II 2020?" To see when one is available to register for Fall 2020 courses, click the link below that reads, "When can I register for Fall 2020?"

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