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Student Organization is going digital with their upcoming events

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Going Digital with Student Organization
Learn about the upcoming virtual events Student Organization has planned.
Justin Kanski, Staff Writer

Student Organization has a wide variety of events planned for the rest of the semester to get students more involved and connected with one another. From hands on activities to watching live webinars through Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet or simply watching a movie through Netflix Party, Student Organization aims to deliver an interactive experience so students have something to look forward to instead of worrying about the online course load from their classes.

Some events Student Organization has hosted throughout this transition include Kean Takes over TikTok. This was an opportunity for students to submit videos of themselves through social media platform TikTok to showcase their Kean Cougar pride and to be featured on the Kean Student Government Instagram.

Student Organization, just like other organizations on campus, wants students at Kean to feel like they are still getting the same involvement experience like they were getting back on campus before the whole transition to remote learning. Even though students are apart right now, they can still feel somewhat connected to one another no matter how far they are from Kean.

Here are some of the upcoming virtual events that Student Organization has planned for the rest of the semester:

Student Organization has been very interactive with their students especially on Instagram such as when DJ Wallah did a virtual live show in collaboration with the Student Government staff at the beginning of April. Students got a chance to tune in, turn their own homes into a party and even earn some prizes during the event. It is important especially in times like this to make the best of every situation given.

Student Organization also shares many tips and tricks that can be very helpful for Kean students during their programs such as Thankful Tuesdays, Whip it Up Wednesdays, and Thought Thursdays just to name a few. These events are posted daily on the official Kean Student Organization Instagram (@keanstudentgov) so make sure to follow them on there for more information regarding upcoming future events. Who knows, maybe students can learn a thing or two they never thought of before which is another amazing benefit from these virtual events.

For any more information regarding Student Organization check out their page on Cougar Link for upcoming events and contact them today at stuorg@kean.edu to learn more. Follow them on all social media platforms as well for any instant updates.

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Justin Kanski, Staff Writer

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