Hail To The Chief

Student Org's new president, Lindsey Gonzalez, talks about her new role and the importance of leadership

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Hail To The Chief
Meet junior Lindsey Gonzalez, the newly elected executive president of Student Organization
Photo courtesy of Lindsey Gonzalez
Justin Kanski, Staff Writer

Leadership is not a responsibility that is given to just anyone. It is about the growth and impact that certain people can make in their community, which defines true leaders. Student Organization Executive Board President Lindsey Gonzalez has truly made an impact on the Kean community with her leadership qualities, and will continue to do so, as she is officially sworn in as the new executive president of Student Organization.

Gonzalez is a business management major with a focus on human resources. Previously, in her time as the junior class president, Gonzalez had the responsibility of working with executive board members of Kean's administration to make student concerns known, as well as to plan events on campus. Being in her previous position had allowed her to expand her networking skills, meet new people and visit new places, such as the Kean Skylands campus before it opened to students.

"As a member of the executive board from freshman class president to executive president, you are sent to different trips, such as to the Skylands campus, that students would like to see. That networking has helped, especially with Kean faculty and staff. You know a lot of people, especially the president, which helps because my position makes student concerns known to them, as well as help plan events on campus," said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez decided to run for executive board president with a mission to make the Kean community more connected. She wants incoming and current students to feel like they have a sense of involvement, no matter what clubs or organizations they decide to join throughout their college career.

"I chose to run for executive board president because I want to bring this organization to light. I know Kean is a very small school, but being a part of an organization such as Student Government, you get to do so much, you acquire a lot of skills that become useful that can be seen by future employers. It is basically a golden ticket for success," said Gonzalez. "My main goal is to get more students involved and make Kean even better than it already is."

This position comes with a lot of responsibility such as advocating for the student body of the university, but Gonzalez is prepared to take on this amazing opportunity to better herself as a leader. She wants nothing but the best for the Kean community, and inspires those around her to get more involved on campus, and take advantage of the many different resources the university offers.

"To me, the true definition of being a leader is someone who inspires others to be better, and to not let others in a group down no matter how hard it gets. In my previous positions, I've learned that it is important to stand right next to your peers and push with them, so they, as well, can accomplish more goals in life," said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez continued, "I am going to use these skills for my new position, to inspire those around me and motivate them to give it their all, putting their best foot forward, because these are the types of skills which develop new leaders to carry on the legacy that previous mentors have left behind."

Although elections were held online and not in person, to promote the campaign, Gonzalez used social media to the advantage of herself and her team. She said that having a presence on such platforms would generate a stronger election result, especially during the transition to remote education.

Gonzalez lives by a line spoken by legendary motivational speaker Les Brown, "Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you'll still land among the stars."

Gonzalez is very excited to take on her new position as the new executive president of Student Organization, and looks forward to the exciting future for Kean University, both virtually and in person. Gonzalez wishes nothing but the best for her fellow students, and will continue to make an impact at Kean that will be long remembered even after she graduates in May of 2021.

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