Return to Campus Survey for Fall 2020

The leaders of Kean University would like to hear from students

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Return to Campus Survey for Fall 2020
In spite of the prevalent health crisis, the University seeks to move forward with reopening the campus for students and faculty.
Khali Raymond, Staff Writer

With the world being shaken by COVID-19, there has been a deadening pause on life. Many places, such as restaurants, bars, schools, entertainment venues and retail shops, have been shut down to lessen the spread of the devastating virus. As COVID-19 stabilizes in the state, officials are seeking to gradually reopen society.

Kean University is no exception. On June 15, an email went out to all students and faculty detailing the first phase of Kean's reopening. There is now a dedicated page online with more information.

Following that email, another was sent on July 9, providing a link to a survey about returning to campus for the fall, which can be accessed here.

The president's task force is actively seeking feedback on ways the university can provide an efficient and safe reopening of the campus for all.

Kean Return to Campus

Students and faculty are highly encouraged to complete the survey, as it can help address concerns they may have about returning to the university for the upcoming fall semester.

The survey contains six open-ended questions. Participants can fill it out however they see fit, as their feedback is crucial for the reopening process. Classes are set to resume September 1.

With any questions, comments or concerns, students and faculty can feel free to contact the Center for Leadership and Service via email at

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Khali Raymond, Staff Writer


Khali Raymond is a senior majoring in English with a writing concentration. He attained his associate's in business administration from Berkeley College - Newark in 2019. In addition to his work as a staff writer, he is also a published author, spoken word artist, musician, activist and is the president of Kean Got Talent, a performing arts club on campus. Khali uses his creativity to overcome all adversity and impact the lives of those around him.