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The Cougar Climb is a path to help students optimize their undergraduate endeavors

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Helping Cougars Climb Higher
The Cougar Climb is a new incentive created by multiple departments at Kean to help students stay on track for graduation.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

The Cougar Climb was created in an effort to help students maximize their engagement on campus while achieving a timely graduation. With this roadmap, students can reach their fullest potential and have a successful undergraduate career. 

There are many benefits to partaking in the Cougar Climb. For example, students may find themselves succeeding more in the classroom, joining meaningful organizations, growing professionally and overall becoming a more well-rounded student. If one completes the tasks in the Cougar Climb, they will also be more eligible to potential employers or graduate schools as well. 

Completed students as well as students that made significant progress are invited to the Cougar Climb Recognition Dinner where they will be recognized for their achievements. In addition, there is a raffle to win a free semester at Kean including all of the first-year students that complete the path. Other prizes throughout the year will also be given to students that complete the individual domains. 

The First-Year Experience is open to all first-year students that wish to enhance their first two semesters through involvement. This helps the students get to know the ins and outs of Kean and makes them feel more comfortable on campus. It gives students a head start to opportunities on campus.

The Upperclassmen Experience is for upperclassmen students that still have the goal to make the most of their time at Kean. This can be for students wishing to continue their First-Year Experience as well as students just starting out their path. 

There are six domains that highlight various aspects of the Kean experience which include: Academic Engagement, Career Development, Health and Wellness, Social Engagement, Civic Engagement and Global and Cultural Awareness. 

Within each domain there are tasks for students to complete as well as other elective suggestions for students that wish to complete more tasks. There are different completion requirements depending on the various domains. The students progress is tracked and monitored to make sure that they are on the right path. 

Academic Achievement includes tasks relating to helping students achieve success in the classroom. Some of the tasks such as registering and reporting credits, attending advisement and participating in academic workshops. Students can also visit and participate in sessions at the Tutoring Center, Writing Center and the Public Speaking Lab.

The Career Development domain is aimed to help students grow professionally. They will partake in activities such as attending career workshops, perfecting their resume and getting an internship. These will help prepare students for their post-graduate professional career.

The Health and Wellness Domain ensures that students are maintaining their well-being. Some of the tasks include using the on-campus fitness and recreation facilities, registering for the student health portal and visiting Student Health Services and the Office of Counseling, Disability, Alcohol and other Drugs Services

The Civic Engagement domain includes tasks such as running in a Student Organization election and voting in Student Organizations, Alternate Student Trustee, local, state or national elections. 

The Global and Cultural Awareness helps students recognize the world around them. To do so, they will participate is tasks such as attending on campus cultural events, attending a Distinguished Lecture Series even, attending a study abroad fair and visiting the Human Rights Institute or Holocaust Resource Center.

Social Engagement is for the First-Year Experience as it is a big aspect of one’s college career, and new students can struggle with putting themselves out there. They will complete tasks such as participating in an NSO activity, attending major University events such as Homecoming, attending major student involvement events such as Kean day and joining a student club or organization.

Leadership and Professional Development is a domain for the Upperclassmen Experience. It helps students expand their involvement even further. It includes tasks such as maintaining a membership in an on campus organization and/or employment in an on-campus department for four semesters, serve on an executive board for a student group and partake in organizing and facilitating an on campus event. 

For more information on the First-Year Experience and the Upperclassmen Experience of The Cougar Climb, be sure to visit their Kean webpage or contact

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Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

Shannon Sheeehan is a Junior Communications major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. She joined The Cougar's Byte staff in Spring 2018. After her time at Kean, Shannon hopes to start her professional career in Public Relations and/or Social Media.