Hybrid, Remote and Face to Face: What's the Difference?

Information about the instructional methods for Fall 2020

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Hybrid, Remote and Face to Face: What's the Difference?
Classes for the fall semester are beginning with a different twist.
Khali Raymond, Staff Writer

With the fall semester currently underway, students are winding down from their summer vacations and settling into high gear again. Despite the current health crisis, the university is ready to get the engine revving with the instructional methods it is offering.

Per Kean's restart plan, all classes began online on Tuesday, Sept. 1 through Blackboard and are expected to remain remote until Monday, Sept. 21, when the university will enter a hybrid and face-to-face courses phase in which in-person instruction will be used for 22 percent of classes.

As not all classes will be doing in-person instruction, there are three different classifications as noted on KeanWISE:

Face-to-face (F2F) instruction begins after the three-week remote period from Sept. 1 to Sept. 21. These classes will be conducted following this remote period until the Thanksgiving break when all courses will return to remote instruction.

During the remote period, students will be provided with more details about F2F strategies by their instructors.

All classes that are held face-to-face will adhere to social distancing guidelines. Students and faculty are required to wear a face mask and/or covering while remaining at a safe distance. Markers and signage will be placed throughout campus to help meet guideline distancing.

Different campus spaces, such as computer labs and libraries, are under evaluation to comply with these policies. Face coverings and masks will be provided for students that do not have one.

Some classes that are face-to-face are as follows:

  • BCHM 4115: Biochemistry Laboratory
  • FA 2671: Video Art I
  • GE 1000: Transition to Kean
  • MATH 0901: Basic Algebra

Hybrid instruction will likewise begin remotely. Starting Sept. 21, hybrid classes will alternate between face to face classes and online classes until Thanksgiving recess. There will be fewer in-person meetings than face-to-face sessions.

Much like F2F instruction, students will receive information from their instructors on how to better prepare for the in-person meetings.

Some classes that alternate between remote and in-person instruction are as follows:

  • ARCH 1101: Studio I
  • BIO 4700: Molecular Genetics
  • CDD 5252: The Underpinnings of Literacy
  • CHEM 1083: Chemistry I

Remote instruction will be conducted entirely through Blackboard. There will be no in-person meetings. Students are expected to log on to Blackboard on the scheduled days and times of their course for access to its activities. These classes may still have a room assigned, but they are fully remote with no face-to-face meetings.

Some classes that are completely remote are as follows:

  • ACCT 2200: Principles of Accounting I
  • CED 5950: Counseling Skills
  • COMM 2403: Digital Video Production
  • ENG 1025: Introduction to College Composition

If students have any comments, questions or concerns about these course options, the Office of the Registrar can be contacted via email at regme@kean.edu.

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Khali Raymond, Staff Writer


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