Introducing Mobile Ordering

The Kean Community can now order food via their mobile device on Kean Campus

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Introducing Mobile Ordering
Those on campus can now order food through the Boost: Mobile Food Ordering app!
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

With the implementation of new safety guidelines as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kean has introduced a mobile dining app for students and faculty to utilize. Through this application, one can order food from all of the campus eateries at a specified location and pick-up time. This has allowed those on campus to get food more safely and conveniently.

The app is called Boost: Mobile Food Ordering and is available for free to download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 

There are many interesting features to this app including real-time order status and completion. Also, it allows users to see the hours of operations for all of the campus eateries as well as the menus. Students can even use their meal swipes when ordering through the Boost app. 

To use the Boost: Mobile Food Ordering app, first download it from one's respective application store.

After the app completes the downloading process, one will need to make an account on the app. To do so, the user will need to provide their first and last name, email address and create a password. 

Following the process, one will want to search Kean University as the location within the app. Then, all of the on-campus eateries will be visible to the user. Now, one can browse all of the locations that are open at that time. They can view the different menus to select the food that they wish to order. Users can select menu items as well as customize their orders. 

Next, users will want to view their basket to ensure their order is to their liking. This is when one also selects a pickup time. The app will list the specific pickup location for the eatery that they are ordering from.

One will now input their payment method and information. They will then officially place the order. Lastly, one must simply arrive at the pickup area at the time listed to get their order. One must make sure to be wearing a mask and following the COVID-19 guidelines when going to pick up their order. 

With the implementation of the application on campus, ordering food has become much more efficient and accessible. This allows for students and faculty to safely follow the COVID-19 guidelines which keep themselves and the Kean community safe.

For more information and to stay up to date on Gourmet Dining at Kean, be sure to follow them @gourmetdiningkean on Instagram and Facebook.

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Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

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