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The first virtual Kean Day was trending all over the campus community

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Take a Byte out of Kean
This year's Kean Day was hosted virtually for the first time.
Justin Kanski, Staff Writer

The first-ever virtual Kean Day event kicked off on Thursday, Sept. 10 on Cougar Link as an online interactive convention for all students to enjoy.

Every year, Kean University hosts this special event for students to learn more about how to get involved on campus. The mission of Kean Day stays the same each year. All of Kean's clubs and organizations get a chance to showcase themselves on why students should be a part of the unfolding action that is being involved. For this year, Kean has entered a new era, formatting this year's Kean Day to an online format so every student gets the benefit of participating in Kean Day despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting involved in college opens up the doors for all types of networking opportunities. Even though Kean Day took a virtual format this year, students still felt the positive energy-from a distance- as they looked at a plethora of clubs and organizations to become a part of.

Romario Joseph, a transfer student from Middlesex County College really enjoyed how Kean has evolved to the new virtual standards and looks forward to making the most of his college experience.

"Kean has made it an easy transition coming here," said Joseph. "Networking and memories are the key results of getting involved...Since it is my first year here at Kean, I want to make the most of my experience and do whatever I can despite our current situation."

Joseph found out about Kean Day through Cougar Link and encouraged students to utilize this while in college because of all the vast networking opportunities it has to offer from events, organizations and Kean job postings.

Leonardo Polo, treasurer and guitar instructor for Chance At Performing (CAP) looks forward to his club being interactive in this virtual environment. Polo mentioned that even though students are going through this time of being physically distant, CAP will still be able to leave a positive impact for all interested members who wish to join as well as bring people together virtually so nobody loses their connections.

"We created a hub using Linktree that takes people to everything related to this club by providing updates to what we are doing, where to follow us on social media, and providing a platform where students can express themselves through the arts," said Polo. "This organization was founded [for students] going into a major that has nothing to do with the arts so we created CAP for people that are into their chosen fields but still want to do more arts, more music."

Polo then described how his organization is going to still provide that platform for students to grow and expand upon their skillsets throughout this semester.

"I'm glad that, although all this stuff is happening right now, CAP is still going to continue on sharing their experiences and love for music and the arts all through social media and Cougar Link," said Polo.

Student Organization President Lindsey Gonzalez says the purpose of Kean Day and Student Organization is to promote student engagement and celebrate diversity, cultures, social engagement, career and personal development and global and civic programs. Gonzalez also says that students have an opportunity to make their mark and grow their skills while having a great time with their fellow classmates with events such as Kean Day.

"We take pride in having our students involved in developing and working these events so that the population here at Kean University will continue to grow and succeed in all areas with Student Organization," said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez also adds that students should not think twice when it comes to getting involved with something they are passionate about.

"My advice to Kean students, especially freshmen and sophomores, would be to not even think about it twice. Seize the opportunity and take any chance to get involved on campus. Getting involved sets you up to succeed not only on campus but also in life," said Gonzalez.

Overall, this year's Kean Day was one for the books and set in motion a fall semester full of fun, engaging, and social activities. Be sure to check out Cougar Link today to view all of Kean's organizations and upcoming events.

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Justin Kanski, Staff Writer

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