Enhancing Spiritual Wellness

There are many spiritual and religious organizations on campus for students to join and find their community

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Enhancing Spiritual Wellness
There are many resources on campus for students to utilize to enhance their spiritual wellness.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

There are many aspects of wellness that students must balance to achieve overall wellness. One of these aspects is spiritual wellness, which is related to finding an overall meaning and purpose. While this seems very daunting, there are smaller scale things that students can do to makes steps to maintaining a positive spiritual wellness.

Many people find harmony and enhance their spiritual wellness through religion. At Kean, there is a Campus Ministry for students to utilize with recognized Catholic chaplains and ministers. They are given office space, where students can go for spiritual guidance. The current campus minister, Michael Lewon, can be contacted at michael.lewon@rcan.org and the current Chaplin priest, Fr. William Sheridan, can be contacted at wsheridan@kean.edu

There are also several religious campus groups of many different variations that students are encouraged to join. Here, students can find a group of like-minded individuals that may even begin to feel like a safe space for them.

The Muslim Student Organization is on campus and their goal is to enhance the knowledge about Islam on campus through events and meetings. Many of their members are very educated about the religion and wish to share their knowledge. They can be contacted at msa@kean.edu

Another organization on campus is Kean University Hillel, which aims to connect Jewish and non-Jewish students on campus. They want to inspire students through the religion as well as educate the practices and culture of Judaism. This organization wants to share their culture to Kean’s campus and its members through education and inspiration. They can be contacted at keanhillel@kean.edu

Kean Gospel Choir is an organization that aims to spread their faith through music to the Kean community and beyond. This is a space for students to become connected through music as well as religion and can be a great outlet for students. They encourage anyone to join, regardless of their knowledge or musical background. They can be contacted at gospel@kean.edu.

Cru at Kean University has a mission of connecting students to Jesus Christ through a caring community. They are currently holding virtual meetings every Wednesday at 6 p.m. for students to partake in. For more information be sure to check out their Cougar Link page. They can be reached at keancru@kean.edu.

The Coptic Orthodox Christian Fellowship is on campus to unite students through education on topics such as Orthodoxy, the Holy Bible, Spirituality and much more. They are always looking for new members regardless of their faith, background and nationality. This organization aims to instill fellowship and love into its members through education. They can be reached at cocf3@kean.edu.

Another organization at Kean is the Catholic Newman Club, which is a space for Catholics on campus to have a positive and supportive environment. They have a goal of integrating their values into college life and educating their members on topics such as exploring faith and fellowship. They are currently holding virtual Bible Study every Thursday at 3:30 p.m. and Virtual Prayer Meetings every Friday at 11:00 a.m. For more information be sure to check out their Cougar Link page. They can be reached at catholic@kean.edu

Overall, there are many religious organizations on campus for students to find a community and grow their spirituality. These can help students improve their spiritual wellness, overall leading to them becoming more well-rounded individuals.

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