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How one student is managing his creative pursuits despite the pandemic

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Expression Through Art
Joseph Miranda remains persistent in making the most out of his craft and education.
Khali Raymond, Staff Writer

For the majority of Kean students taking remote classes, the process has come with advantages and disadvantages. However, there isn't a shadow of a doubt that they are making the unexpected shift work for them. One student is using it to his benefit.

Meet Joseph Miranda, a freshman majoring in fine arts. Joseph's passion for photography enticed him to select the major.

"The photos I take are more unique and different from others," said Miranda. "It just caught my eye that Kean has a really good fine arts program, so that is why I picked it."

Before the pandemic, Miranda's life was that of the average college student.

"I would get a coffee and go to my classes. Then, I would have a period of free time. I worked on campus at the fine arts office, so I was there for about five hours. I wasn't on campus everyday, but after I finished what I was doing I'd stay for a little bit just to hang out with other students and socialize," Miranda continued.

The photographer has had his fair share of challenges amid remote learning, from the workload to keeping up with assignments.

"The workload was more than it was on campus, and it was a challenge finding a way to relax while in class," said Miranda. "I found myself freaking out over little things. I remember missing an assignment and I panicked, which then led me to fall off with my classes."

Though, the challenges were not enough to stop Miranda from pursuing his craft.

"Right now, I am just finding inspiration by taking my time on trying to do better with my drawings," mentioned Miranda.

In addition to his drawings, the versatile Miranda also dabbles in music.

"I have a side hobby of making music, so I am trying to become better at those two things right now," said Miranda. "Recently, I was planning on deleting all social media and begin finding inspiration through an art based platform."

Miranda feels that quarantine will help him focus more on his priorities in the arts and with schoolwork.

"By just focusing on my classes and drawings, it will help. I put the music on pause for now so I could do my classes," said Miranda.

Joseph remains confident that he will get through any challenge standing in his way.

"All I need to do is have a clear mind and find a way to relax after class," said Miranda. "I just need to have something to help me push through it."

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Khali Raymond, Staff Writer

Khali Raymond is a junior pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in English with a Writing Option. He graduated from Berkeley College - Newark with his Associate’s in Business Administration in August 2019. Joining the staff in September 2019, he works as a staff writer for The Cougar’s Byte. Khali has a lengthy resume with five years of professional experience in creative writing and publishing. He has written for editorials such as The Obama Foundation, Prudential, and PTSDJournal. Khali is also a performance poet and emcee. Khali plans to proceed with his plans of becoming a bestselling author, critically acclaimed poet and a multi-platinum selling artist after attaining his degree from Kean University.