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The following article was provided by Student Health Services.
Student Health Services, Contributor

Student Health Services has a few reminders on ways to help you stay healthy and safe:

Wash your hands – Excellent hand hygiene is critically important to reducing the spread of COVID-19 or any virus.  Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  Make sure the soap foams up.  Keep your nails clean and short.  Avoid wearing jewelry, like rings or bracelets, which make it more difficult to clean your hands well.

6 feet of social distancing – Studies show when people talk, sneeze or cough respiratory droplets of various sizes are released from their nose and mouth.  A large majority of droplets fall within 6 feet of the person you may be near.

Wearing a cloth mask – Wearing a face covering is recommended by the CDC as a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 droplets that can come from the nose and mouth through exhaling, talking, coughing or sneezing.  Make sure you wear your mask correctly, otherwise it is less effective.  The mask should completely cover the nose and mouth, fitting snugly around the face.  It should be at least two layers thick and consist of a cotton or poly cotton material blend.  This type of material should allow you to wash it daily in your regular laundry with your other laundry in hot water.  Remember do not touch the front of your face covering when removing it.  If you do, your hands are now considered contaminated.  Your hands must be washed with soap and water or an alcohol based sanitizer.

Get your flu vaccine – Reduce your risk of getting the flu.  If you are vaccinated, you drastically lower your chances of getting the flu or if you do get sick, you may have milder symptoms with less flu complications. 

Maintain your present health – make sure you monitor any health conditions that you presently have.  Make sure you have at least a three-month supply of your medications.

Quit Bad Habits - Recreational drugs and excessive alcohol weaken the immune system. Smoking in any form is shown to increase susceptibility to respiratory infections including COVID-19.  This is a good time to quit bad habits that adversely affect your body’s own ability to fight illness.

Remember we are in this together.  For any questions or concerns please call Student Health Services at (908) 737-4880. 

We are here for you!

This article was written by Student Health Services.

For more information on Student Health Services, check out their Kean web page. For questions, contact them at or (908) 737- 4880.