Upcoming Important Academic Dates

The fall semester's important academic events and deadlines

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Upcoming Important Academic Dates
Mark your calendars for these important dates!
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John Artenstein, Editor

While the university's event programming and face-to-face learning have been adjusted to meet the needs of the pandemic, the fall still brings many important academic deadlines that students should keep their eyes on. Even more than usual, using Cougar Link and the Kean University website can make all the difference in tracking important dates from distance while many are learning remotely.

What follows are the important dates for the fall's remaining academic calendar, as well as those specifically pertaining to first half-term and second half-term courses:

- Columbus Day, a state holiday, approaches on Monday, Oct. 12. Classes will be held.

- The last day to file for upcoming graduate comprehensive examinations will be Friday, Oct. 16. The examinations are to be held on Nov. 7.

- Sunday, Oct. 18 is the final deadline for applications for early evaluation of bachelor's degrees for May, 2021 and August, 2021.

- Following the unexpected spring and summer terms, the last day for students to begin the process of changing their grades from those sessions will be Tuesday, Oct. 27.

- Tuesday, Nov. 3 is Election Day. The university will be closed, and students are encouraged to safely cast their ballots. New Jersey's registration deadline is Oct. 13 for mail-in and online; absentee ballots must be requested by Oct. 23 and postmarked for return by Nov. 3.

- Make-up incomplete grades from summer sessions and the spring semester are due by Friday, Nov. 6. Graduating students with incomplete work should visit the university's webpage for graduation information to ensure they are on track.

- Graduate comprehensive examinations take place on Saturday, Nov. 7.

- Wednesday, Nov. 11, is the deadline to withdraw from courses to receive a grade of "W," without refund.

- Nov. 11 is also Veterans Day, a state holiday, which the university observes. Classes will be held.

- Thanksgiving recess will begin on Thursday, Nov. 26 and conclude on Sunday, Nov. 29.

- On Wednesday, Dec. 9, during the week preceding exams, classes will follow a Monday schedule.

- Exam week is scheduled from Monday, Dec. 14 through Friday, Dec. 18.

- The fall semester concludes on Friday, Dec. 18.

*For first-half term courses, which are scheduled from Sept. 1 to Oct. 26, the deadline to withdraw with a grade of "W" (without refund) is Friday, Oct. 9.

*For second-half term courses, scheduled from Oct. 26 to Dec. 18, the deadline to withdraw without a mark on your academic record, and with a full refund, is Wednesday, Nov. 4; the deadline to declare a course as an audit, or to declare or change the Pass/Fail option, is Tuesday, Nov. 10; Nov. 10 is also the last day to withdraw with a 75% refund and a grade of "W;" Nov. 17 is the last day to withdraw with a 50% refund and a grade of "W;" and Friday, Dec. 4 is the deadline to withdraw with a grade of "W" without refund.

For every detail on the university's fall schedule, visit the Office of the Registrar's academic calendar, or reach out by email at regme@kean.edu or by phone at 908-73-REGME.

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