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Registration for Winter classes has begun

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Choosing Winter Classes

The Winter session can be a huge benefit for students looking to stay on track for graduation.

John Artenstein, Editor

Registration for the upcoming Winter 2020 session is underway, and its schedule features a variety of courses that can help students in any field of study get ahead or catch up with their paths to graduation. This year, Winter session courses will be held online from Tuesday, Dec. 22 and concluding on Saturday, Jan. 16. Priority registration began on Nov. 2, and registration in order of completed credits continues until Monday, Nov. 16.

The registration period opens as follows:

  • Monday, Nov. 2 - Priority registration, for scholars (students with a 3.85 cumulative GPA), athletes, students with a disability (filed with the Office of Disability Services) and veterans
  • Tuesday, Nov. 3 - Students with 100 or more credits, and returning freshmen from A-L
  • Wednesday, Nov. 4 - Students with 90 or more credits, and returning freshmen from M-Z
  • Thursday, Nov. 5 - Students with 79 or more credits
  • Friday, Nov. 6 - Students with 69 or more credits
  • Monday, Nov. 9 - Students with 56 or more credits
  • Tuesday, Nov. 10 - Students with 51 or more credits, incoming freshmen and transfer students and readmitted students
  • Wednesday, Nov. 11 - Students with 44 or more credits
  • Thursday, Nov. 12 - Students with 35 or more credits
  • Friday, Nov. 13 - Students with 29 or more credits
  • Monday, Nov. 16 - Students with as few as 0 credits
  • Friday, Nov. 20 - Non-matriculated students

The following undergraduate courses are available for the Winter session:

  • In English
    • World Literature (ENG*2403*WB01) and Young Adult Literature (ENG*3255*WBI01)
  • For transfer students who have yet to complete the mandatory, 1-credit Transfer Transitions course:
    • GE*3000*WBON1
  • In health education:
    • Nutrition (HED*3600*WBON1)
  • Principles of Management (MGS*2030*WBON1)
  • Principles of Marketing (MKT*2500*WBON1)
  • In nursing:
    • NURS*3000*WBON1
  • In psychology:
    • Professional Psychology: Principles (PSY*2000*WBON1)
    • Life-Span Developmental Psychology (PSY*3110*WBON1)
    • Abnormal Psychology (PSY*3540*WBON1)
    • Understanding Self and Others (PSY*3650*WBON1)

The graduate course Augmentative/Alternative Communication (CDD*5264*WBI01) is also available remotely.

Many of these courses are required by academic interest. For students in need of them, some of these courses are able to be used as upper-level free electives. Consult your advisor and your Program Evaluation to be sure which are applicable for your needs.

Students can visit Keanwise to search and register for all available courses.

Scheduling and availability changes or the addition of more courses are always possible, so students should check Keanwise regularly as they plan their courses for the Winter session and beyond.

More details about registration for the Winter session and Spring 2021 semester can be found through the Office of the Registrar. Students can also contact the One Stop Service Center by phone at 908-73-REGME with more questions and concerns.

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