Living on Campus in Spring 2021

RSS has enforced their safety protocol to ensure a comforting environment for residents

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Living on Campus in Spring 2021
Applications are currently being accepted to live on-campus for the Spring 2021 semester. Learn more at
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

With the Spring 2021 semester approaching quickly, it is important for students to know about the housing procedures that will take place. Students will still be allowed and encouraged to reside on campus.

Residential Student Services says that they are, “committed to fostering a safe environment for our residents. We have made several adjustments to our residential community as we adapt to the effects of the pandemic.”

To ensure the safety and security of the residential students, they have enforced protocol. For example, there will be single bedroom occupancy. This means that one resident will have their own bedroom and share the suite with one other student. 

This protocol has been put in place to ensure that students are not coming in contact with as many people. The important aspect for students to note is that residents will not be required to pay an additional fee for a single occupancy room, rather they will still be charged the lower rate of the double occupancy room. 

Another protocol that will be enforced is enhanced cleaning of residential areas. The facilities and maintenance staff are dedicated to cleaning the residential common areas several times a day. A deep cleaning will also transpire three times a week. This includes areas such as lounges, hallways, elevators, etc. being cleaned and sanitized thoroughly. Through these cleaning procedures, it shows that the safety of students and staff are a top priority.

Following, residential students and staff will be required to take a COVID test once a week. Free testing on campus will be provided on campus for these members of the Kean community to ensure that everyone is being treated accordingly. 

In the case that residential students or staff test positive for the virus, they can be assured that the university will provide ample and effective support, service and advisement. Through the help of Student Health Services, residents will be guided through this time. 

Residents will be offered a few quarantine and isolation options in this case, including being relocated to a designated on-campus quarantine assignment in which they would have meals delivered to them. Additionally, residents do not need to worry about their previous housing assignment as it will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly and will be awaiting the student’s return. 

Students planning to live on campus in Spring 2021 will have a variety of programming and extracurriculars to occupy their time and enhance their residential experience. For example, there are on-campus amenities that will be open such as the computer, Miron Student Center Game Room and the Fitness Center. There will also be socially-distanced events that will take place in person, as well as virtual events for students to partake in. 

Overall, Residential Student Service is dedicated to ensuring the safety of students in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic through this protocol. Students can expect a safe and comforting residential experience for the Spring 2021 semester. 

For those interested in living on campus next semester, be sure to complete the housing application in the housing portal. Students should log in using their KeanWise credentials, select ‘Housing Applications and Requests,’ and continue to fill out the application. 

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