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Exploring the documentary series Whose Vote Counts: Explained, viewed in several events this fall

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Whose Vote Counts
Join the Center for Leadership and Service for their "Whose Vote Counts: Explained" watch party.
John Artenstein, Editor

Through the rest of the fall semester, the Center for Leadership and Service will host a series of events for viewing the new documentary series "Whose Vote Counts: Explained." The documentary released in September 2020 and walks through the details and imperative of voting in the United States. Participants will view the series and share encouragement for being involved in the process.

The Netflix-produced series features appearances and commentary on the voting history and process in the U.S. from many of the biggest names in politics and entertainment, including narrators Leonardo DiCaprio, Selena Gomez, and John Legend. The series installments are subtitled,  “The Right to Vote,” “Can You Buy an Election?” and “Whose Vote Counts,” each examining elements of the electoral process in depth through explanations by experts and analyses of election data.

Too often in the U.S. today, voters are dissuaded from taking part in the voting process because of the process itself: whether they live in a state where they feel the results are pre-determined regardless of their participation; or their district or state makes the procedures complicated or inconvenient; or they're unable to take the time amid a busy schedule. These episodes refer to contentious political issues today, including voter suppression and other representation disenfranchisement, the electoral college and gerrymandering and the effects of money in government and politics, respectively.

Students who attend can expect to learn about the importance of making their voices heard in every election, why the system works the way it does and how to be involved in a positive way for their local and national communities - even and especially when it feels like voting doesn't matter. The process will only continue to exclude millions of American voices if those who can neglect to stand up for their own.

The events will be held through Google Hangouts Meet using a Netflix Party web address given to guests once they've registered.

The series of events began on Nov. 13 and Nov. 16, and will continue during the following:

Additionally, students that attend the entire series will be given credit for a GE-approved T2K service event.

Guests can RSVP to the events via Cougar Link. Students who have not yet registered to vote can do so through TurboVote, a Kean partner in get-out-the-vote efforts.

With any other questions or concerns, students can reach out to the Center for Leadership and Service via email at serve@kean.edu or by phone at 908-737-5170.

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