Kean One Stop: New 24/7 and Remote Services

The One Stop Service Center makes the transition to online learning easier

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Kean One Stop: New 24/7 and Remote Services
The One Stop Service Center introduces two new customer service platforms to serve students in their transition to remote learning.
Khali Raymond, Staff Writer

Just recently, Kean's One Stop Service Center announced the rollout of two new customer service platforms assisting in providing better service to students amid the transition of remote learning.

The first platform, QLess, is a online queuing system that allows students to wait in what is called a "virtual line" as opposed to a regular, physical one when going for assistance at the center.

One Stop's virtual line will be open during service hours. The line can be joined through one of two ways by scanning the QR code or clicking this link on either a smartphone or computer.

After joining the line, students will be prompted to have a Call Back or Video Conference. Text alerts will be sent to students updating them on their position in line.

Once a student is at the front of the line, they will be contacted by a One Stop representative either by voice call or video chat, depending on the preference the student selected.

A step-by-step guide on how to navigate QLess can be found here.

The second platform, Roary, is Kean University's chatbot designed to assist students by answering any questions pertaining from financial aid to registration 24/7. Roary is accessible from the One Stop service page where it will pop up along the side.

Kean's One Stop Service Center is a hub of information and assistance for students looking for guidance in a multitude of areas in navigating Kean. There, the representatives can assist students with issues like: Forms and Policies, Academic Calendar, Enrollment Verificatio, Guidesheets and Four Year plan, Registration, Transcript Request and more.

For more information on how to navigate these new services, the Office of the Registrar can be reached via email at

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Khali Raymond, Staff Writer

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