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Junior Spenser Williams is in the spotlight as being an inspiration to others

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Spenser in The Spotlight
Junior Spenser Williams is in the spotlight as he talks about the balance between the arts and being an involved student leader.
Photo courtesy of Spenser Williams
Justin Kanski, Staff Writer

The spotlight is earned by those who take opportunities to inspire others. Being a student leader and a member of the arts community can be time-consuming, but rewarding, too. People like Spenser Williams make sure to use all of the opportunities at their disposal to establish themselves and their projects. It is also students such as Williams who inspire a new generation of Kean cougars with their involvement.

Williams is a junior at Kean University studying theatre. Throughout his time on campus, Williams has been involved in the Kean Theatre Council, the Kean Gospel Choir, and Kean Residence Hall Council. He has also been a General Education Mentor, a Resident Assistant, and worked with New Student Orientation as an Orientation Leader. Williams credits his involvement as a game-changer that helped him break out of his comfort zone, allowing new opportunities to come along the way.

"My opportunities with Kean involvement have been amazing! It is a fact that I would not have taken any of the positions I have held had I not been willing to step out of my comfort zone," said Williams.

Williams is passionate about the arts and joined the Kean Theatre Council to help enhance his skills. He will be featured in the upcoming Cabaret, Cocoa, and Chill event, taking place on Friday, Dec. 11 at 7:00 p.m. The event will stream live on their Facebook page.

"I love to sing and I love to act, so, when I'm given the opportunity to showcase those two talents, I try to jump on the offer as soon as I am presented with it," said Williams.

Williams will also be featured in the Kean Theatre Conservatory's upcoming production of "...Gone," streaming on Zoom. The show is an original work created by the Kean Theatre Collective to discuss topics relevant today. Williams also has written a 10-minute play titled "Deadline," which will be streamed on Zoom globally on Dec. 17 through "Stream ON! Productions."

"'Deadline' is a comedy based on a group of friends that encounter difficulties concentrating as they attempt to complete a scriptwriting assignment that is due at midnight. I highly recommend checking it out for a good laugh," said Williams.

Williams has adapted to remote learning. Throughout this time, he has freely expressed his creative side by keeping himself more active in his classes as well as in his extra-curricular activities. Williams encourages his peers to get involved in activities or clubs that interest them, because they may never know what doors it will open for them once they put themselves out there.

"A student leader is someone who is willing to step outside of their comfort zone, shine a positive light, make connections, and mentor others. The Kean student leaders I have had the privilege of knowing have definitely helped me to emerge from [a] once very quiet and timid, undecided freshman to the self-confident and motivating junior I am now. Get involved in campus activities that interest you. Connections are a big factor in your future. The more people you meet, the better. So find something that interests you and get involved right away," said Williams.

Williams has many plans for his future and the Kean community is excited to see where he is going next in his career. Students like him are great examples of positive role models who want others to succeed.

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