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Tips and tricks on how to use Kean's virtual platform for involvement

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Sync with Cougar Link
Cougar Link is Kean's online resource for involvement
Justin Kanski, Staff Writer

Cougar Link is Kean University's interactive online hub for involvement on campus. Whether it be finding events virtually and in-person or joining a club/organization, Cougar Link has become one of the most essential tools for a successful college experience.

In order to log onto Cougar Link, students should visit the main Kean University homepage and click on the quick links tab to select it. Students must have a registered email address to log in. Students will then be greeted by a home page with the top three relevant news articles which can range from current events on campus and important information from the university such as course registration.

On the main homepage of Cougar Link, students can see current memberships of organizations they are currently a part of on campus, as well as join new ones. It is important if one is a part of an organization on campus that they keep track of memberships and register service hours for events or community service. To view a list of all the organizations currently recognized by Kean, visit the "organizations" tab at the top left. The tab contains all of the 278 clubs and organizations Kean has to offer and if students are looking for a specific club, they can filter their search with the categories option on the left.

Cougar Link is not only the hub for student groups on campus, it is also where events that are happening on-campus or remotely can be found from the events tab on the home page as well as the "events" tab. In this tab, students can browse through a library full of events such as meetings for clubs and campus-wide activities such as Kean Day or Meet the Greeks. Students can filter out the search engine for specific events with themes or categories that would help benefit what they are looking for. Some of these filters can vary from community service projects and perks to events that offer free giveaways. Even while remote, Kean still offers plenty of ways for students to connect with their fellow peers from a distance with new events added each week.

Cougar Link is full of many useful tools that can help students live their college experience. But how can they keep track of all the events they go to? With an event pass, all students have to do is click on their profile picture in the top right and select event pass from the menu to track their attendance. An event pass is how students can easily check-in to all the action at Kean and it automatically keeps track of their event history in Cougar Link.

Need to submit service hours for an organization? Then Cougar Link is the way to go. Once students receive an email from a respective organization, they would go into Cougar Link to enter in their service hours for an event. To do this, click the profile picture in the top right, select service hours, choose the organization requesting to submit service hours and follow the instructions from the respected group.

Additionally, students may view their unofficial Co-Curricular transcripts directly from Cougar Link. A Co-Curricular transcript is a form that tracks all of one's involvement throughout their time at Kean University. Students may request an official copy of the Co-Curricular transcript by filling out a virtual form with the Center for Leadership and Service. Once all the necessary details are completed, an involvement specialist will reach out for the remainder of the process. Students can use this form to help with getting a job, attending graduate school or applying for internships as well as scholarships that may require it.

Students can also keep track of all the forms they submitted via the submissions tab. The most beneficial aspect of Cougar Link is that it is connected to the student's email address so they will receive notifications of a request without having to log back into the website.

With all of its features and resources, Cougar Link is a guide for Kean University's involvement network. It is full of tools students can use to their advantage to diversify themselves in the real world. With the paths feature, students in all levels can track a particular path to have a chance to receive a certification of involvement at the university. This certificate can then be placed on a LinkedIn profile or a resume which can be well-received when finding a job or applying to graduate school.

For any questions regarding Cougar Link, please contact the Involvement Center at to receive more information on how to get involved today.

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Justin Kanski, Staff Writer

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