How to Get Involved At Kean

Ways on becoming engrossed in opportunities outside the classroom

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How to Get Involved At Kean
For students looking to get involved on campus, there are plenty of ways to do so.
Khali Raymond, Staff Writer

More than ever, students are looking for ways to involve themselves with all the happenings in the Kean community. Fortunately, there are opportunities and methods for those interested in being of service despite the ongoing pandemic.

Because of the immense options, it can be difficult to narrow down exactly where to begin but there are paths for each student to find what works for them.

Joining a club is the way for students to begin their co-curricular experience at Kean.

Kean Cougar Link.png

Cougar Link is an essential resource where students can search, register and attend events.

Joining events helps students interact with like-minded individuals, receive information and be granted with opportunities to help students in their personal, academic and professional lives.

Students are also able to search for organizations they would like to join and be part of on the homepage.

Every time a student registers for an event or joins a club, their involvement is tracked on their profile and through their co-curricular transcript.

All matriculated students have access to Cougar Link. Students must sign-in with their school email and password to use the platform.

Another way to get involved on campus is through Student Organization. Student Organization promotes engagement and leadership amongst the student body.

It is an organization representing the students at large, encouraging feedback from them and giving underrepresented individuals representation through student involvement and programming.

Greek Life at Kean promotes the ideals of leadership, involvement and unity through its Greek-letter organizations.

Many of these organizations present its members with ways to constantly assist in their communities so it is a wonderful way for students to engross themselves in becoming more well-rounded in their extra-curricular experience.

Below are additional ways for students to become involved:

  • Getting a job on or through campus
  • Interacting with organizations at the university on social media
  • Joining a sports team
  • Inquiring about becoming a tutor
  • Exploring professional and academic opportunities tied to a specific major

It is never too late to get involved. Every student has the opportunity to show their true potential on campus while using the various amount of resources Kean has to offer. 

about the author

Khali Raymond, Staff Writer


Khali Raymond is a senior majoring in English with a writing concentration. He attained his associate's in business administration from Berkeley College - Newark in 2019. In addition to his work as a staff writer, he is also a published author, spoken word artist, musician, activist and is the president of Kean Got Talent, a performing arts club on campus. Khali uses his creativity to overcome all adversity and impact the lives of those around him.