Campus Ministry at Kean

Campus ministry can foster lasting connections and friendships on and off campus. 

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Campus Ministry at Kean
The Campus Ministry can connect students to groups and organizations on campus from a variety of denominations.
Jada Nyarko, Staff Writer

Faith can play a role in a person’s worldview while helping them to feel grounded and stable. In a new environment away from home, Campus Ministry helps students feel at peace.

The Office of Campus Ministry at Kean University gives students the opportunity to talk to chaplains in group settings or for one on one counseling.The Chaplains on campus arrange their own schedules and organize their own events. They are also available to talk to any student, regardless of their denomination.

Kean University offers resources and groups for various religious views. Regardless of denomination, students can find their place on campus. 

These student groups and organizations include:

These organizations do not wish to impose their views and faith on other students. Rather, they are looking to create an environment for students that are interested in fellowship with them.

Although the university does not endorse religious events, these organizations are still permitted to coordinate programming as long as they abide by the regulations for activities.

Be sure to look out for events from these groups on Cougar Link. Students can go to the events tab on Cougar Link website and select Spirituality under themes to see a full list of events coming up from religious student groups and organizations.

If students are interested or looking for a ministry on campus, do not hesitate to reach out to  these organizations or email

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Jada Nyarko, Staff Writer