Cougars Snowed In

See how Kean Students enjoyed their day off

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Cougars Snowed In
Utilizing one's Kean email is a must for understanding snow procedures.
Maria Paz-Lopez, Staff Writer

With the white covering the roads and the temperature dropping, Kean's University Relations announced on Thursday, Feb. 18 that classes, remote and in-person, will be canceled due to a weather forecast of snow and ice conditions.

Students both on and off campus alike were able to enjoy a day off from classes and school activities. But how exactly did students spend their time off? 

Ajete Isabella Zenelaj, a senior studying English writing studies with a minor in psychology, slept in after a long night shift. After shoveling the walkway, they relaxed with a warm cup of coffee, “The rest of the day will be really calm and I’ll probably study later and cook,” said Zenelaj.

Victoria Archer Snow Day
Archer utilized her snow day free time to get ahead on some of her assignments. Photo Credits to Victoria Archer.

Zenelaj mentioned getting around to FaceTiming some of her friends and ending the day with meal prepping

for a work shift later on in the night. 

Junior, Victoria Archer majoring in early childhood education planned on catching up with school work. Thursday’s are usually Archer’s day off so it wasn’t quite different from any other week but she was very excited to watch the snowfall. 

“I have a couple of discussion boards that need some replying so I will mainly be working on that,” said Archer.

Kiara Munoz Snow Day
Munoz took the snow day as an opportunity to relax with some video games. Photo Credits to Kiara Munoz.

Kiara Munoz, a senior studying communications, also utilized the snow day to get ahead of her work. Although prioritizing school, Munoz took this opportunity to play some computer games since she doesn’t normally have time to. 

Not wanting to miss out on the weather, Munoz said, “I also really want to go out in the snow for a little once there’s more on the ground.” 

Michael Ocasio, another senior studying communications, values snow days. “Snow days always have a special place in my heart, mainly because when I was a kid I would spend those days inside drinking hot chocolate, playing video games or catching up on anime.”

Now as an adult, Ocasio spends his snowfall circling between homework and leisure time. Later on in the day, he watched his dog run around in the snow while enjoying a large cup of coffee inside. 

Chelsea Leon Snow Day
Chelsea Leon spending her day off watching movies with her siblings. Photo credit Chelsea Leon.

Chelsea Leon, a senior double majoring political science and history pre-law, utilized her free time to rest after her intern training. Following a two-hour nap, she decided her free day would be a great chance to get ahead in her classes and start her homework for the following week. 

Setting schoolwork aside, she binge watched the Disney Frozen movies with her younger siblings. 

Ultimately, it was a successful day for Kean students as they used their time for a variety of reasons. Many students are grateful to have been given a day to relax and take a step back after various days of inclement weather and both hybrid and remote learning.

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Maria Paz-Lopez, Staff Writer

Maria Paz-Lopez is an English Education K-12 major. She joined The Cougar's Byte in Spring 2021. Some of her interests include film, music and art. After her time at Kean, she hopes to become a teacher and go on to teach English in a different country.