Introducing the Kean Forensic Science Club

This organization is new to campus and excited to explore the subject of forensic science

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Introducing the Kean Forensic Science Club
All students are welcome to join the Kean Forensic Science Club, regardless of major!
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

The Kean Forensic Science Club was established on campus for students to have the opportunity to explore this subject on a deeper level. Forensic science is commonly seen across the media and in movies. Students can learn the reality of this topic and even develop a passion for it.

This club aims to connect students with a similar interest level, as well as educate them on the topic of forensic science. Their goal is to do this through field trips, guest speakers, mock crime scenes, documentary viewings, discussions and more.

This club is to help educate students that are interested in forensic science and wish to have a career in the field, however students that are not forensic science majors are also encouraged to join. 

This is a new organization to Kean University. It was founded when students realized that there was no club focused in forensic science, even though many students would be interested in joining one. The founding students wanted to give a voice to the subject and spread knowledge on the topic to their peers. 

President Gloria Raise said, “We want to raise passion and interest in students, share information and help to prepare for a career in forensic science.”

She continued, “This club gives us the opportunity to share and express our passion with other students and help them understand if this is a field they would like to work in. This club might help you have an insight of what the work in the forensic science field looks like”

Meetings are hosted every other Friday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., with their next meeting transpiring on March 5. In their meetings, they will discuss forensic psychology as it relates to serial killers and what goes on in their mind. They will also discuss trace evidence and potential career paths in the field. All of their meetings will be virtual this semester to ensure the safety of its members and allow for students on and off campus to attend. 

Another event that the Kean Forensic Science club is hosting is a virtual guest speaker event on Fri. Mar. 26 from 3:30 to 4:40 p.m. The guest speaker is Italian forensic psychologist Dr. Eugenio D’orio, who has a masters degree in biology and is a specialist in forensic biology & DNA analysis. Additionally, he is director of the Bioforensic Research Center and on the executive board of the European Society of Forensic Science. To learn more about this lecture, students can visit the Cougar Link event page

For more information on the Kean Forensic Science Club, be sure to check out their Cougar Link page.

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