Let's Pack the Van

The Center for Leadership and Service is asking students to lend a hand by donating food to the Cougar Pantry

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Let's Pack the Van
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Week of Service is dedicated to helping others through volunteering opportunities.
Photo Courtesy of Center of Leadership and Service.
Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

As a part of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Week of Service, the Center of Leadership and Service (CLS) will be holding a food collection event sometime in March. This program presents students with an opportunity of giving back to the community and to provide food for those in need. 

MLK Week of Service is one of the many programs that are taking place during Black History Month. This event is inspired by the words of Dr. King who states, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” Following in his footsteps, CLS is holding a food drive that will help provide food for those who are having difficulties. 

This particular event was supposed to kick off the Week of Service on Feb. 18 and Feb. 22, however, due to COVID, Kean University has changed the date of this event in order to keep students safe at this time. As posted on the Cougar Link page, the program will start up again once Kean transfers to the hybrid schedule in March.

CLS is asking all students, staff and faculty to help pack the van with non-perishable food items. All of the donated items will either be used in care packages or for Kean University students who are experiencing food insecurity. In these difficult times, it is important to lend a hand to fellow students who are experiencing hardships. 

There are many food items that CLS is looking to collect. For those who are interested in donating, they can prepare ahead of time by gathering some of the following items: 

  • Shelf Stable Milk
  • Cereal
  • Canned Tuna Fish/ Canned Chicken/ Spam
  • Peanut Butter/Jelly 
  • Plain Crackers (to accompany tuna fish or peanut butter)
  • Canned Fruit/Fruit Cups
  • Soups
  • Canned Meals (ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs, etc.)
  • Snacks (individually sized)

Furthermore, this event can also be used for students who need a GE Approved Service Event. In order to have this event accounted for, those interested must RSVP for the event once the new date is announced. Additionally, these students will be emailed with more information about volunteering for this event. 

For more information on this event, students can feel free to contact serve@kean.edu. Also, interested candidates can find the newly scheduled date once it is posted on Cougar Link.

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Taylor Battle, Staff Writer


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